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You may be surprised to learn some of the best ways to increase your Twitter following come when you aren’t even on Twitter! As a local business, you’re always trying to make the best use of your valuable time, and today’s five tips will show you how to modify your everyday interactions and increase your Twitter following!

Add your Twitter name (@local business) to your email signature, webpage contact page, and other social media accounts.

Make it easy for customers to connect with your local business through their social media platform by including links to your accounts in any electronic media you put out. It also doesn’t hurt to be a bit proactive in asking your customers to connect with you either. For example, you may want to put a statement such as “Connect with us on Twitter @local business to receive great updates and offers” in your email. Make sure your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts also allow customers to follow you on Twitter from those pages as well.

Consider embedding a Twitter follow button on your webpage.

This button allows customers to follow you easily and immediately. They don’t have to take any additional action to get connected to you. Further, your button can display how many current followers you have and serve as an encouragement to others to also join the conversation.

Ensure you’re regularly sharing engaging content.

Of those you follow on Twitter, who are the most interesting?  It is likely individuals or businesses who share content that is helpful to your own local business, provide tips or tricks, or just offer interesting insights. It, of course, doesn’t hurt if some light humorous content is injected into a Tweet.  Strive to create content you would want to seek out and read if you were your own consumer. As it can be nearly impossible to be logged onto Twitter throughout every day, remember to utilize tools such as HootSuite and Buffer to schedule content to post to your account on a regular basis.

Gain exposure through another local business.

You have developed a plethora of information and materials you share with your customers. Why not maximize your customer reach by sharing this content with another business who can in turn share it with their customers. Or, better yet, collaborate with another local business and create some special content that will be of interest to both your customers and theirs. This approach will help you gain exposure to a new client base. Of course, make sure that you include your Twitter follow link on this content for easy sign up by potential customers who just learned about you through your collaborated materials.

Respond to questions and comments on social media.

Make it a habit to share your expertise with others who have questions. Search social media for outlets to provide advice and take the opportunity to include your Twitter name.

A special thanks to Many Kilinskis, guest blogger for Buffer, who inspired many of the suggestions in this local business story.

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Posted by Chris Marentis

Chris Marentis is an expert in the field of internet marketing and is the founder and CEO of Surefire Social. Through his company, Chris successfully leverages social media marketing, search engine optimization, and website development to build brands and generate leads across the web.


  1. Great tips! Guest blogging can also help increase Twitter followers, especially if the website you’re blogging for has an embedded link to your Twitter page.

  2. Interesting tips and you can also take advantage of list feature to follow and increase your followers.

  3. These are some great tips! I am new to Twitter, but we had a guest speaker come into our Communication class last week and talk about these exact topics. He said in his opinion the best way to get more followers is to actually be active on Twitter and tweet things that make people actually want to follow you.

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