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Google+ (G+) is simply the most technologically advanced Social Network to date, and people are converting to G+ day by day. With a user base over 100 million, it is one of the fastest growing Social Networks. It integrates the best features offered by both Twitter and Facebook, hence the concept of Followers and Following (as understood in Twitter Lingo). Here in this article you will be advised about some ways in which you can increase your following on G+, which in turn makes your G+ circles larger. But before increasing your G+ circles, you must understand the repercussions it will have on your privacy.

Find Friends and Acquaintances, and Circle them all:

Using batch tools to add more than one user as your friend, and also add as many suggestions as there are. Adding many people to your circles will result most probably in those people adding you to their circles as well. This uses the principle of reciprocity, and will increase your circles very quickly. Remember not to go too crazy and start circling every living soul.

Give them a reason to want to be in your circle:

This means filling your page with posts before you start approaching anyone to join your circles. They have to go to your page and see things that make them want to be in that circle. If you have a blank page, you aren’t ready to populate your circles. It is just like starting a new website. You don’t market until there is something of value to look at.

Try to Circle Back as much Followers as you can:

If you will not circle back all those people who added you in their circles, they might in a matter of some time remove you from their circles. Therefore, be sure to reciprocate their courteous advances. Google+ allows you to have circles with different names and groups. If you never want to hear anything from that person, just add them to a specific circle that you barely care about.

Yes, this sounds pretty bad. But the truth is it looks worse if you don’t circle them at all.

Entertain and Inspire:

As in real life, people often tend to follow those personalities which always have a knack for amusing others, so do happen in G+. If you are a lame user, who very seldom logs in and passively stalks people, then expect yourself to be kicked out of other people’s circles. Try to generate, contribute, and share quality content that should entertain and inspire everyone in your circles.

Put Google Plus badges or buttons on your blog or website:

When you market that website or blog, you are indirectly marketing your Google Plus page. This is just like putting the Facebook, twitter, RSS, Linkedin, and other social media icons on your website or blog. If they like your content, they will add you to one of their circles. Even if they never return to your website again, you still have that relationship in their news feed on Google+.

Do Not Spam:

Try to stay calm and classy, by not overdoing anything on G+. Even if you have thousands of jokes, pictures, videos, and other content waiting in your hard drive, do not post everything in one go. Let the people in your circle wait for you, and savour your content.

Make it a mission to bring your friends and other contacts to G+:

There is a huge amount of people who still haven’t migrated to G+. Obviously Google is aiming at Facebook with this social network, so if your friends want a better alternative tell them about Google+. Invite them via emails and also invite contacts and friends from other social networks to join your G+ circles.

Link your Google Plus page to your own website:

Have you recently noticed the Google+ profile picture show up next to articles on Google search results? Wouldn’t it be cool to have the same thing? There is a piece of code, called the Direct Connect code, that can be inserted into the code on your web-page. This could get you eligible to be listed in Google search results, where searchers can actually follow you right from the search page.

Human nature after all is just Give and Take:

Give positive feedback to content posted by people in your circles, and as a result they’ll leave comments on your posts. This will make you very popular in your and your friends’ circles. Facebook used the concept of “like”, G+ uses the concept of “1+”. Make sure that you 1+ the interesting posts by people in your circles, this will also be reciprocated and make you popular as a result.

If you are a Famous Blogger or a Web-Celebrity:

Just kidding we aren't really that popular.

If you have a famous web blog, or you are a celebrity of some sort, try to cash in on your success and let the people know about your G+ profile. It’s really worthwhile to have a direct access to your fans. You become your own Media Manager. And no more twisting your words; what tabloids are really famous for. It’s a 1+ guarantee that the above ways will be helpful to increase your G+ Circles. If not, you can take back your 1+ from this post.

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