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18 Tips from Global Brands On How To Make The Perfect Facebook Cover

To succeed in anything, you need to look to the best. That’s why we checked out over 100 Facebook pages of well-known companies that have more than 1 million subscribers or likes – all this, just to find out which Facebook covers are the most effective.

We arranged our results into 18 tips you can easily apply in your business’s Facebook page. You can also look at more than 50 vivid examples of Facebook page layouts for inspiration.

If you want to know the size requirements for the Facebook cover and profile photo or learn about the 2016 business page redesign, check out the first part of this article.

In this part, you’ll find 18 tips from some of the world’s top brands:


1. Use your Facebook cover to describe your product or service.

The Facebook header is a great opportunity to promote your product and show it in a favorable light. It’s best to use a photo that conveys how someone uses your product. For example, if your business is connected with coffee, it’s better to show a cup of coffee in someone’s hand or the process of making it, rather than just a cup sitting on a table.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

A heart-warming atmosphere with a cup of coffee with a Starbucks logo on it perfectly conveys the idea that it’s the right time to enjoy a cup of coffee.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

This photo shows not only the Coca-cola product, but also the emotions experienced by the character on the cover. But the photo is not relevant to the time of year.

Here’s another nice example of showing a product in use on your Facebook cover.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

Mom is feeding her baby from a jar showing the Hipp logo, but the summer cover is not at all relevant in winter.

Another good example but with using a video:

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The “Liverpool” football club page cover shows the video about the club.

As you can see, this is one of the most common ways to use the Facebook cover. In this case, the company logo is usually placed in the profile. However, sometimes it’s impossible to depict a product or service in action, especially if it is virtual. So take a look at some of our other tips.


2. Use a clean, simple design of one or few colors.

A bright one-color background will help you place the accents correctly.

A pineapple made from coconut and a bottle of Malibu are not just placed above the subscription button – they focus your attention on it.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The Malibu Rum page has nothing in excess and results in about 2.4 million subscribers.


To achieve this effect, you can use graphics, as in the following examples:

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The news company Mashable uses only 2 colors on its cover, and the page has more than 4.8 million “Likes”.


You can also use photos with one predominant color and its shades:

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

More than 1.3 million subscribers follow the HubSpot page.


Here’s another way to make several colors dominant:

Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The darkened photo and several color accents look stylish and convey the idea of MacProVideo.



3. Stick to a single style in both the profile design and Facebook cover.

Many brands follow this rule. It helps their business pages look holistic and harmonious.

See for yourself:

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

M&M U.S.A. uses a single-color palette that focuses the viewer’s attention on the profile. The page has more than 10.6 million subscribers.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The design of this Disneyland Paris page is made in the same style. It has more than 3.1 million subscribers.


4. Use a small element from your cover as a profile photo.

Here’s another way to make your user feel like he’s visiting a company website with a solid style.

Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The Angry Birds page has collected more than 23 million subscribers.


5. Make a collage.

Collage designs or sets of joined-up photographs have been used for ages. But they don’t lose relevance, because they are a great way to convey several ideas at the same time.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The HBO television network has more than 11 million subscribers – and a shot from the telecasts on its Facebook cover.


Not so long ago, BBC News replaced its cover photo with a collage of three pictures of women. Subscribers were intrigued and wondered who these ladies were. It turned out that one was a volunteer girl from Syria (the one wearing a white helmet); another was a Trump supporter from the USA; and the third was a Cuban woman expressing sadness about the death of Fidel Castro.

Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

This cover resulted in a lot of comments and 3.7 thousand different likes in just a few months.



6. Use icons as a background for your Facebook cover.

These covers are not new, but their design continues to draw new fans. Simple icons placed chaotically on the cover can perfectly convey the idea of any business, especially if it’s hard to show its essence in one photo.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

Yelp’s bright cover picture tends to attract your eyes again, and again.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

Lifehacker has not changed its cover since April 2015, but it still looks fresh and continues to gain “Likes” – there are already more than 2.6 million of them.


The advantage of such covers is that they always stay current. You can easily convey almost any idea with the help of icons.

Why hasn’t the YouTube business page cover from 2013 been changed? The answer is simple: a cover design with icons will always be relevant.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

This page has nearly 82 million likes.


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