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13. Show your website address on the cover.

You can attract users to your site using the CTA button. But what if you need it for other purposes? Put the address of your site directly on the cover picture, and don’t forget to add the link in the description below.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

This is how Shopify did it. Its page has more than 1.8 million subscribers.


Notice how wisely this picture of Tony Robbins was chosen. He’s located on the left side of the cover and looks at the website address, amplifying your attention to it.

This page also has a link to the site, but unfortunately they didn’t add it to the description below the photo. It’s much easier to get a user to click on a link than to type an address in the address bar.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

There are 1.2 million “Likes” on

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

A link from the football player Lionel Messi’s page cover leads to a site that raises money for the construction a hospital for children with cancer.


14. Place an invitation to a conference or other events on your Facebook cover.

Check out the stylish and discreet way Nokia has placed a message about an upcoming conference on its cover picture.

Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

Nokia page has 15.3 million “Likes”.


This cover was even better thought out. After clicking on it, you can find a link in the description and get to the landing page by following it. There, you can buy tickets for the conference.

Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

Information about the conference is in a diagrammatic way that was featured on the Smashing Magazine cover.


15. Use your cover to talk about your sponsorship.

Sponsoring a great event? You may just as well promote it on your cover!

Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

1.9 million subscribers follow the FedEx Europe page.


16. Add humor to your Facebook cover.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers has 27 million likes and some nifty cups with funny inscriptions on its February cover.


Here’s  an example of how a touch of humor can be used, even in a very serious field. A charming dog wearing glasses makes you smile, and just below the picture you can find the company’s web address.

Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

3.6 million people subscribe to the financial company Chase’s Facebook page.


17. Make use of people’s photos on the cover.

The fact that a person’s face draws the eye has been known for a long time. This is widely used by world-famous clothing brands. Take a look at these three examples, which are similar:

This black-and-white photo of a sad girl on the Zara cover page collected more than 4,000 Likes in just one month.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

Some 24.7 million people subscribe to this brand’s page on Facebook.


When you click on the next cover, you can get a closer look at the girl’s outfit, but you can’t follow the link and buy it. Adding a link to the page in the description below would come in handy.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The Next page has 1.7 million followers.


Another fine example, but unfortunately it also lacks a link in the description.

Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

ModCloth announced a new spring collection both on its cover and in its Facebook profile. This page has 1.4 million subscribers.


18. Add some hidden meaning to your Facebook cover design.

Examine the image of the seats of this Tesla car. It’s not just a tender reminder of the car’s endless possibilities and flotation abilities. If you take a closer look at the seats’ outlines, you will see the company logo in the silhouette.

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The Tesla page cover has attracted 12 thousand likes since June 2016.


Here’s another interesting example to inspire you:

 Make Your Facebook Cover Attract Customers

The shadow of this bottle of Bonaqua water creates an image of a lightbulb, hinting at the energy boost it will give you.


I hope that these 50 examples of branded Facebook pages, together with our tips, will help you to decide on the cover design you would like to have for your own business page. We’re always ready to bring any of your ideas to life through our professional design services.

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