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Christopher Jan Benitez helps small businesses achieve their goals through his freelance writing services. Outside of work, he has a passion for professional wrestling (it's still real to me, damnit) and constantly craves for Philadelphia cheese.

How to Get Testimonials

How to Get Testimonials from Customers (and Grow Your Business)

Selling to existing clients and leads are two different things. The former already trusts and knows you. On the other hand, you have no existing connection with the latter. So, how do you close leads to customers effectively? And how...

call to action website best practices

5 Above the Fold Website Best Practices You Must Follow

The term "above the fold" originated from the world of print. It's usually where the top stories are placed in newspapers and played a crucial role in grabbing readers attention. Web design adopted this concept to describe the upper portion...

college admissions essays

3 College Admissions Essays That Passed with Flying Colors

Your college admissions essay is key to enrolling you to your chosen college. But writing an essay that decision-makers will love isn't easy. It can even be downright embarrassing just like these self-unaware college admissions essays to Columbia University.However, you'd...

best personal branding tips

5 Best Personal Branding Tips for Your Blog

One great way of building an audience is by having your own personal brand. There's no better strategy to market yourself than to, well, just be yourself. Your blog should practice authenticity and honesty because people gravitate towards these principles....

online business planning

Online Business Ideas You Need to Start in 2019

Are you excited to start 2019 with a bang? If you've been putting off setting up your own online business this past year, now is the perfect time to turn your dreams into reality. The good news is, there are...

Blogger Updating Her Post Inside Wordpress

How to Optimize WooCommerce Site and Generate More Sales

With a 10% overall market share, WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform around the world. It's free, feature-rich, and user-friendly. It also offers a gallery of responsive designs and loads of customization options. So if WooCommerce powers your online store,...