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How to Bypass DVD Region Restriction-min

How to Bypass DVD Region Restriction

When you’re geared up to enjoy and have a magnificent time as you cozy up and watch a new movie at home, all you want is for the original DVD you’ve purchased to work. More often than not, this happens...

/ June 7, 2017
Chalkboard typeface is great for logo, cards, signs, apparel, stationery, magazines and quotes.

15 Charming Chalkboard Fonts for Your Next Project

This is a given – every designer should have go-to fonts, especially when it comes to themes commonly used. I’m not saying you should be using a single font for everything you design. But you should have a default font...

/ June 5, 2017
Revitalize Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Makeover – 5 Ways to Revitalize Your Marketing Strategy

Competition in the global economy is becoming ever fiercer. Business must cope not only with spiraling costs of doing business, but hot competition from all over the world, thanks to the internet and online marketing. Unless you have a unique...

/ May 30, 2017
Leveraging Cloud Computing to Your Business’ Advantage

Leveraging Cloud Computing to Your Business’ Advantage

IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the success of virtually any modern business. Now that the vast majority of business processes are performed digitally, the ability to operate at full efficiency is in large part determined by the quality...

/ May 30, 2017
Geometric pattern memphis style - Patterns Like Save Geometric pattern memphis style - Patterns - 1 Geometric pattern memphis style - Patterns - 2 Set of 8 memphis patterns in geometric elements. Pattern in hipster, memphis style.

20 Eye Catching Memphis Textures to Kick-Start Your Design Concept

In every industry, particularly in design, it’s inevitable for a trend that was “in” decades ago to come back and reign once more. This is the case with Memphis textures. Most people may have already seen this design before but...

/ May 29, 2017
The Effects of Motivational Posters

Why Your ‘Hang in There’ Poster Should Hang in There: The Effects of Motivational Posters

Hang in there. No excuses. Be the change. These phrases and others have been printed on posters hung in offices, classrooms, and even bedrooms around the world, usually accompanied by pictures of breathtaking scenery or heartwarming animals. Yet, while most...

/ May 23, 2017

Which Free VPN Service Should Be Your Best Shot This Year?

  So far, the year 2017 has been great for the VPN industry. Every other day, a new VPN service gets launched, creating a buzz among the internet users. With an increase in online attacks, a breach of online privacy...

/ May 23, 2017