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I'm John Unger, I'm a blogger and editor from Manchester, UK. I write for my own blog at  AssignmentMountain and contribute  to various websites as well. My main topics of interests are self-improvement, business and education issues. That is what I mostly cover in my articles. You can connect with me via TwitterFacebook and Google+


Channel the Artist in You: 7 Blogging Mistakes to Fix

There are over 153,000,000 blogs on the web today. And every second on this planet, a new blog is created. And whether you are a freelancer whose income depends upon blogging or a business owner trying to spread a brand, you have to see blogging as an art form. In fact, Merriam-Webster defines art as,…

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10 Steps to Efficiency and “Millionairism”

As efficiency is increased, there is a proportionate increase in productivity. And as productivity increases, employees stand out, and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. To carry this cause/effect chain one step further, employees who stand out get the raises and the promotions; and as their businesses grow, entrepreneurs realize more profit. No one is opposed to…

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