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As a success-seeker herself, Key Acanto also desires to inspire and motivate other people by sharing her insights and knowledge about self-development. She is a Scoopfed editor and as one, she always faces challenges with an open-mind. You can connect to her through her LinkedIn account.

4 Practical Ways to Make Your Brand Standout

Brand awareness is an important factor that can bring huge impact to your business. It is when you are building your business identity to let consumers known that your business exist. Brand awareness is an essential marketing aspect that every...

/ August 20, 2015

3 C’s To Help You Find The Best Version Of You

Do you strive for excellence?  It can’t be denied that most of us strive for excellence. With our desire to be the best, we tried hard enough to juggle work, family and our own life. It is not uncommon to...

/ July 29, 2015