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Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger. She writes tons of inspirational articles on web design and photography, despite the fact that she is an economist by education. She enjoys traveling, reading and meeting new people. Nancy believes in magic of written words to inspire and motivate. She works as a PR manager at UKAD Group.


10 Money-Saving Websites to Download Design Resources

Web designers like any other creatives need tools and resources for their projects. Ready-to-use fonts, icon sets, badges, graphic characters, and other materials can help you to save a lot of time and efforts, and make your work done much faster. As a web designer you might be always on the look out of perfect…

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12 Productivity Tools to Make Your Life Much Easier

It’s obvious, time is money. No matter what kind of business you own or what you’re doing, efficient is a key. And with numerous distractions like social media and games, it’s critical than ever to beat the clock. Being able to get more work done is less time is productivity which can be increased in…

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How to Create High-Quality Content for Your Blog in 7 Easy Steps

Successful bloggers have to keep many different aspects of writing in their heads. It’s quite challenging to write engaging and interesting content on a regular basis over time. Whether you create content for your business or personal blog, it’s important to do it right. Writing original content will help you get more traffic from Google…

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How to Choose the Best Software Outsourcing Vendor

There is a simple reason why software development outsourcing has become so popular. This modern business strategy combines low-cost software development and highly qualified professionals. The success of any outsourcing project is important to both the customer who hires a remote team as well as the outsourcing company itself. When choosing the best outsourcing vendor…

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20 Educational Print-Ready Design Tutorials to Become a Pro

Designing self-promo printable materials such as business cards, resumes, letterheads and flyers is a great way to grab people’s attention and gain new clients. The more creative these self-promotion products are the more chances you will have to stand out from the crowd and increase your odds to get a dream job. Follow these detailed helpful…

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20 Photography Posts to Get You Inspired

The best thing about the Internet is that every single day there is something new to see, read, and hear. The web is packed with gems, however they're not that easy to find. And the Internet isn't perfect either, it contains tons of garbage. The process of browsing the web for interesting stuff to get…

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Good Bye Summer: Collection of the Summertime Photography

Can you believe that the summer is basically over? We feel the cool breath of autumn more and more day by day. It’s a little sad that the summer has passed so quickly and cold winds are taking it away. If the summer was endless, we wouldn’t love it so much as we do. Without a doubt I can say that…

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