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Over the counter medicine has become a norm for many individuals. People take pills for no apparent reasons. Sometimes they have a feeling that their bodies are not functioning normally.

The problem is that a physician does not medically prescribe some of the over-the-counter drugs and this amounts to taking too many drugs that can result in severe side effects.

There is also a trend where individuals have been taking drugs to cure or manage a particular problem that could have been managed without pills. Here are some of the conditions people can face and the remedies they can use rather than taking pills.


Building Muscles

Man doing rope workouts at the beach during noon

Nowadays, gaining muscle is a trend for a lot of youth, especially those in colleges and universities. There is a perception that young men without six-packs and biceps are not sexy.

Due to the pressure of gaining those muscles, many people have resorted to buying muscle pills, such as beta-alanine, which is a protein supplement that helps bodies to build muscle. However, this pill has side effects which manufacturers have not been disclosing.

You can avoid taking muscle building pills and commit yourself to a muscle building program that involves healthy eating, exercises, and weightlifting.


Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Pain is one of the main reasons why people start taking pills. Painkillers are some of the tablets that individuals often take to minimize or eliminate pain from various parts of the body.

Some pain that originates from different parts of the body are likely to reduce after a few minutes of waiting, but people cannot wait and they rush to the nearest pharmacy to buy painkillers. It has been the same for individuals who are suffering from arthritis in cold regions. To eliminate pain from their joints, they take pills.

A great alternative for arthritis pain relief is a topical cream from Wonder Pain Relief.  The cream is easily applied to the skin and eliminates the pain quickly and naturally.


Stomach Problems

Stomach problems

Stomach problems are common health issues that individuals can experience on a daily basis. It has been recorded that a majority of stomach problems are brought about by indigestion. You might have eaten a lot of food leaving little or no airspace.

This can cause bloating and stomach pains. Many people resort to indigestion pills that can speed digestion in their bodies so that they can feel comfortable. However, taking pills is not the most appropriate solution one can consider. A person could eat smaller portions and avoid foods that cause them indigestion in the first place.


Back Pains

It has been reported that more than 80% of individuals around the world are likely to experience back pain in their lifetime. This problem is brought about by the work done during the day, sleeping on hard or uneven surfaces, injuries, or a combination of various factors.

Back pain can be very difficult to treat and can sometimes grow to a chronic condition. Many individuals begin taking pills, which reduces pain for a little while, and the cycle repeats itself. You can try to eradicate the back problems by taking warm baths and using a mattress that will provide comfort and relief, rather than continuing to take pain pills that will only solve the problem temporarily.


Sleeping Problems

woman sleeping in a dark blue room

Some individuals cannot fall asleep easily, or if they do fall asleep, they wake up periodically throughout the night. Stress and anxiety have been known to be some of the leading causes of sleep disorders. More than 40 million people in the United States are experiencing sleep disorders. Some of these are extreme cases.

Many individuals turn to sleeping pills as the only solution to their problems. Even though sleeping pills are not associated with severe side effects, continued use of sleeping pills can be habit-forming. People with sleep problems should consider cognitive-behavior therapy that helps them to modify behaviors leading to sleeping problems.

Taking pills to counter pain or manage a health situation is a quick-fix method and does not offer a permanent solution. Individuals should consider other safe methods that are inexpensive and can help with issues regarding the body. Natural remedies provide long-lasting solutions to multiple health challenges.

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