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In today’s age of excessive consumerism, goods are mass produced to furnish us with cheaper and more affordable prices. However, are these cheap items really worth buying? As most people have found, one good quality shirt may last you a lifetime, whereas a cheap shirt will most likely rip and tear within the first month. So why are we spending money on items that need to be replaced every few months or so?

What Is the Concept Behind Buying Products For Life?


Let us look at the facts. Everyday people are bombarded with advertisements of happy people using affordable items, which are convinently ready to be purchased by you! After you’ve purchased an item, you feel happy, you feel good, you feel exited to make that new product a part of your daily life. Overall you feel like you’ve gotten a great deal, until a few months or years down the line it suddenly breaks.

You can probably guess what happens next. You decide to go ahead and buy the same item again, hoping that this time it will last longer, but it never does. In the end you find yourself paying a substantially higher price for something that would’ve been much more cost effective if you had bought it in the first place.

This is the concept for designer wear and household goods. The reason that many women swoon over Louis Vuitton handbags is not just because of their popularity, it’s because they know that they are buying an item that will last them a lifetime. It is unheard of for a Louis Vuitton bag to break, or even look worn. The principle is simple: you are paying a huge price for such a bag, but they are providing you with the best leather, craftsmanship, and quality that can be found.

Now, I am not here to advertise Louis Vuitton, but I am here to talk about why shopping for quality products is important. What I don’t understand is why people spend their hard earned money on cheap or low quality items, when they constantly break in a few months? It’s the difference between fake leather and real leather – hard to tell the difference at first, but after a month or so, the difference is blatant.

What Is the Most Important Thing About Buying Quality Products?

I know that most people can’t afford Louis Vuitton, but this is isn’t about that. In the age of information, ignorance is no longer an excuse. You have access to vast amounts of knowledge at your finger tips. It’s much harder for companies to rip off their customers, than it was a decade ago.

Today you can simply Google “best vacuum cleaners” and  be provided with numerous articles and suggestions. Now it’s up to you to inform yourself and do some proper research. Some will claim to be the best, and turn out to be the worst, some will claim to be the best and end up being useless in a month, and some might not do a lot of advertising, but turn out to be the best investment you ever made.

Prior on spending you money, you should always use your brain. I’m still shocked to see people getting tricked into buying things based on their emotions. Then they complain and feel sorry for themselves. Seriously? I’m sorry, but that’s pathetic.

I remember when I purchased an iron. Hours of research went into finding the right one. After reading several articles and reviews, it became clear that the one that cost $300 was going to be the best investment I could ever make. My mother thought I was crazy, until she realized that she didn’t need a dry cleaner anymore! The iron was that good. I could relax knowing that my clothes would never be singed or left with iron marks again, and that I would never have to deal with a broken iron again in my life.

It’s up to you to take control of your future. Being a savvy shopper will not only save you time, but will also save you money in the long run. It is much better for a man to wear a great quality jacket, which impresses everyone for years, than to wear a cheap high street version that looks somewhat ‘scruffy’ before winter is over.

The Advantage of Buying Quality


The main advantage of buying quality, above all, is that the product works as it should. Cheaper products tend to be very faulty and they constantly need to be replaced. Can you imagine the danger of your bike breaking while you are cycling at full speed? Or your helmet not doing the job that is described on the packaging?

These kinds of accidents can be life threatening, and there is no doubt that your quality of life is linked to the quality of the items that you buy. When you buy a product for life, you are investing in your future, saving money in the long run, and you get to show off your quality item for years. Ultimately, what could be better than that?


When you step out of the consumerism bubble and look at the big picture, you start to see that you’re basically running inside a hamster wheel. When you realize that some products are simply designed to break, it’s quite shocking. I strongly advise anyone to do some research about planned obsolesence.

Large corporations are fully capable of creating products that will last you a lifetime. Why don’t they do it? Because in a few years, they will have no customers. If they have no customers, shareholders won’t be too happy, their stock will start to tank, and after that it’s pretty much like a sinking boat.

There are still companies out there who create amazing products. It’s up to you to find them and support them for the great work they’re doing. I hope from now on you’ll make wise purchasing decisions. Good luck!

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