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Fuel is a new “vintage-modern” American coffeehouse that celebrates friendships, inspiration, hard work, and the American “can-do” spirit. To “Ignite your Journey,” they offer custom coffee, better beverages, fresh foods and baked goods.

What caught my attention about this ordinary coffee shop, was the well executed all around branding. Richie Stewart of Commoner Inc, was commissioned to design the branding and packaging for Fuel Coffee. For further explanation on the process, check out the following quote:

“Our goal for the design was to play off the name of the brand and create a concept that referenced the aesthetic of old motor oil cans. We sourced some super shiny, metallic bags to suggest what the material of those cans would have originally been made of.  

We did 1& 2 color prints on self adhesive labels with the main logo mark and style of coffee. These were then applied to each bag individually. Not only did this save on cost but it gave the finished product a slightly more human, handmade quality which mirrors the small batch roasting process in which the coffee was made.” – Richie Stewart

The vibe and experience portrayed thought the images really encourage me to take a trip to Massachusetts. I’m a big advocate of the retro and vintage design trend. Even if you’re not in the same boat, I truly feel that the style and execution of Fuel Coffee is worth admiring. Enjoy!







Fuel America (2)

Fuel America (3)

Fuel America













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