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Websites are built for several purposes. But the goal of each business website is to gain users’ attention and increase business growth. Call to action buttons on a webpage can truly help website builders reach their goal.

Call to action refers to the elements on a webpage that solicit an action from the user. Call to action buttons in Web design are mostly clickable buttons, which perform an action (for eg, Buy Now) or take the user to another page for additional information, when clicked. It is one of the most important aspects of lead generation.

The primary purpose of call to action buttons is to make a site’s visitor do something like downloading something, buying an item, adding something to a shopping cart, requesting for information, signing up etc. Having such high significance, the design of a call to action button plays a vital role in persuading users to click on it.

Therefore, it is important for Web designers to understand the value of call to action buttons on a website, to enhance the productivity of businesses. Here are some of the best design practices that Web designers could consider to make visitors click on call to action buttons.


The size of an element with respect to other webpage elements indicates its importance on a website. The larger the size of an element, the most important it is. In order to grab users’ attention, a call to action button must be large when compared to other elements in a regular webpage. If there are multiple call to action buttons on a single page, their sizes can be varied according to their importance. For eg, a larger size can be used for ‘sign up’ buttons and a comparatively smaller size can be used for ‘read more’ buttons.


In order to make users click the call to action button, ensure that it stands out from the rest of the Web page by choosing a contrasting color for your button. Use colors that are in high contrast with respect to surrounding elements and the background. Moreover, make sure the color you pick sets the button apart and does not clash with site’s overall design.


Variety is the spice of life. This holds true even for Web designing. The thing which looks unique holds the attention of users on a website. Normally, most of the call to action buttons on a site have the usual rectangular shape. How about breaking the trend and trying some unconventional shapes? Out of the box shapes may also help in increasing the conversion rates. So, instead of using the same rectangular buttons, try ovals, stars and other contours for the call to action buttons.


Placing the call to action button appropriately can make it stand out on a webpage. One of the effective ways is to place the buttons above the fold of the webpage. This will certainly help it gain users’ attention, almost as soon as they land on your website and make them take immediate action. It can also be placed right in the middle of the page, so that it has the central focus to attract visitors.


The wording that is used on call to action buttons can have a great effect on conversion. The language must be simple and clear such that it makes users act right away. Use compelling words (for eg. Buy Now, Try Now) to make a conversion rapidly.

Call to action buttons are an effective tool to increase the growth rate of a business. If properly designed and placed, it could generate higher lead conversions and pave way for effective business development.

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Posted by Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor is the Project Manager at Forix, a web design company based in Portland, OR. Forix specializes in web design and development for small, medium and large company websites, e-commerce systems.

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