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Youtube was originally created by three former Paypal employees in February 2005. The idea was simple; create a platform for users to upload, view, and share videos. Creative, and not so creative, individuals started to upload their own videos and the rest is history. After being acquired in November 2006 by Google, Youtube started to heavily focus on monetization.

Hundreds of millions of videos are being watched each day on YouTube, and over 72 hours of video are uploaded every single minute. This kind of success is staggering and I’m sure Google is very happy. In the past year there have been many articles on technology blogs discussing regular television. In general, TV viewing is facing some serious competition from the internet.

Services like Hulu, Netflix,, iTunes, and YouTube are making it possible for people to completely cut the cord and ditch cable forever. I’ve ever read stories about people whom completely rely on Youtube for their entertainment. Because of this, Youtube should be on everybody’s radar. Anybody with a half decent camera can shoot videos and strike for viral success.

The following infographic takes a look at the Youtube rich list and gives you an idea of how much you can earn with your videos. I know this information will flood your brain with all sort of possibilities, however don’t jump to conclusions. Obtaining success on Youtube is harder than you think. Competition is everywhere and entrepreneurs are hungry.

Don’t ever let money be your main goal. Focus on creating quality content and grow your brand with passion and hard work. There are no shortcuts. Nobody knows where the next viral videos will come from. So think outside the box and stay creative.

How Much Money Do Youtube Stars Make



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