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  1. I think the Starbucks redesign looks better than its predecessor. Not only is the logo clean it is also iconic. I recently had my business logo design redesigned as well following a change in the direction of the business. And I went for something iconic and distinctive as well (similar to Starbucks’ approach). The logo design team at managed to realize my vision and provide me with a logo design that is beyond my expectations. Although it needs getting used to, I am confident that it will be well-accepted seeing that many customers were raving about it. Likewise, it will take time before consumers will get used to the redesigned Starbucks logo. Only time will tell.

  2. Sweet. I like them both. But I do have to say, I prefer to see the brand name in their logos.

  3. Logo or no logo I can smell a Starbucks brew a mile away. All hail all Starbucks addicts! lol Anyway, I prefer the old logo with the brand name. The new one looks too dry and uninspired.

  4. Starbucks is dry and uninspired. What’s with the communist style star on the redesign? And what’s all that frilly shit on the edges? I like the redesign from last year much better. Also, I sure hotheater bucks pays a hell of a lot more than 300 dollars if they ever decide to go with the crowd.

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