Blogging | - Part 2


6 Tools to Help you to get More Traffic

website-tools Hundreds of blogs gets started every day, but only a handful of them become successful. Blogging is fun but it does require a lot of hard work and patience. To become an authority in your industry, your blog must have three things – attractive design, high quality content, and...
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5 Writing Tips: How to Organize your Research

Organize-your-Research These days, anyone can have a blog. Therefore, we often suffer at the hands of authors without proper writing education. The internet is a self-published writer’s playground. As such, formal compositions are rarely seen in the blogosphere.  People often share their thoughts and ideas in a jumbled fashion. Research...
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How to Grow Your Blog to 10,000 Visits a Month Within 6 Months

growth Blogs are dead without traffic. So it’s no wonder why bloggers keep asking the same question over and over again; “how can I get a huge amount of free traffic.” If you’ve recently started blogging and want to get around 10,000 visits per month within a 6-month duration, here...
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How to Blog Like a Pro

blogging-like-a-pro A blogging pro is not someone who writes stellar blog posts. It’s not the person who covers the most popular titles, and it is not even the person who gets the most traffic. A real pro is the blogger that keeps going. Did you know that most blogs cease...
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Want Your Website to be Irresistible? Follow These Tips and Tricks

Irresistible Did you know that every day more than 100 million pages emerge in the online universe? Sounds cool for the reader, but scary for a website owner. Obtaining traffic and increasing your pageviews is essential to stay afloat online. There are only two ways to make money on the...
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Is Blogging Something I’m Capable of Doing?

blogging We all have something to say and a need to be heard. We all like discussing ideas and opinions with people. People in our immediate surroundings are probably a bit easier to read and you can usually predict what opinion someone from your hometown has about a certain subject....
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5 Common Web Hosting Issues for Bloggers

web-hosting Starting your own blog or website is an exciting process. You have chosen your site topic, picked a unique domain name, and are ready to set up your hosting service. However, navigating the waters of web hosting can be tricky and present oft-unforeseen challenges. Before you decide on a...
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