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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Create Compelling Content on a Small Budget

brain As your competitors are angling for the best possible spot on Google search results, you can’t sit idly by and hope that your current and prospective customers will cut through the thicket in search of your website and social-media channels. At times, you’ll be fighting in the ring with...
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Guide for Blog Owners: Prevent Scraping and Data Theft

web-scrapping Web scraping is not the most popular way to retrieve someone else’s data and information, but with an increase in theft and popular bot-type identity theft, web scraping is growing. But, what is it? And how does it affect you? What is Scraping? Web scraping, also known as web...
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Tips to Write Faster, Better and with Insight

macbook The validity of being a lightning fast typist is only apparent to people with a logical mindset. The rate at which you think is not going to change, so whether it takes you five minutes to write a sentence or five seconds, the rate at which you think is...
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20 Resources for Incredible Content Marketing

content-marketing The secret to content marketing success is creating awesome content that is highly shareable, and then distributing that content in an effective and targeted way. This involves looking at a variety of key metrics to help you analyze your audience, tweak your site with CTAs and improve user experience...
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How to Create Effective and Engaging Content

Create-Effective-and-Engaging-Content Whether you maintain a Facebook page or a website, if you don’t have interesting content, your viewers aren’t going to stick around. You might feel that you aren’t capable of generating interesting content because you don’t have a creative mind. This isn’t true. If you follow some of the...
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Affiliate Marketing – How to Do It Right

Affiliate-Marketing You may not know what affiliate marketing is, because it’s an often underutilized resource. Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which a company gives money or rewards to affiliates for every customer that they refer to their business. Affiliate marketing may sound tricky, but if you know what...
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How to Become a Brainstorming Genius

How-to-Become-a-Brainstorming-Genius Why is it important to be able to brainstorm effectively? Well, brainstorming is the foundation for all creative and innovative ideas. Being able to look at a problem and find a solution that not only solves the problem, but does so in an ingenious way can make you an...
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