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How to Become a Brainstorming Genius

How-to-Become-a-Brainstorming-Genius Why is it important to be able to brainstorm effectively? Well, brainstorming is the foundation for all creative and innovative ideas. Being able to look at a problem and find a solution that not only solves the problem, but does so in an ingenious way can make you an...
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Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Infographics

Do’s-and-Don’ts-of-Creating-Infographics As one of the most popular techniques of content marketing, information graphics (aka infographics) are hot stuff in today’s digital marketing community. But with many proclaiming their popularity to be short-lived – all in all ‘a bit of a fad’ – there is a risk that if done badly,...
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Creating a Strong Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet-Marketing-Strategy Having a great web page only takes you so far. Without the proper marketing strategy you may never make it onto the monitors of your target customers. This can lead to a frustrating dilemma in which weaker or less relevant pages jump your offering by virtue of a more...
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Great Content Planning Results In A Great Website

Great-Content-Planning Many articles have been written explaining how you must design interfaces, graphics and how to deal with clients. But one key step in web development is frequently forgotten and that is content planning, which is also called IA (information architecture) planning. If you rush ahead to programming and pixels...
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5 Tips for Taking Amazing Photos for Your Blog

Taking-Amazing-Photos-for-Your-Blog There’s a famous saying that goes something like this: “You’ve got to spend money to make money.”  We sometimes forget this simple maxim in the Information Age, where there is almost always a more affordable option. We can shop online for cheaper toys, cheaper jewelry, cheaper almost anything. Of...
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25 Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Website

traffic Getting traffic to your website isn’t as easy as you think. With millions of blogs on the web, what makes you so special? Why should people listen to you instead of somebody else. Aquiring quality traffic is very hard. But don’t let hard discourage you. It can be done....
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Top 40 Premium Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Templates

Premium-Facebook-Timeline-Cover-Photo If you’re running a business, overlooking the design of your Facebook fan page isn’t an option. You must have a clean visual presentation of your blog, product, business, etc. By having a beautiful profile and an engaging cover photo, you will stand out from the crowd. I know I constantly say this about...
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