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Great Content Planning Results In A Great Website

Great-Content-Planning Many articles have been written explaining how you must design interfaces, graphics and how to deal with clients. But one key step in web development is frequently forgotten and that is content planning, which is also called IA (information architecture) planning. If you rush ahead to programming and pixels...
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5 Tips for Taking Amazing Photos for Your Blog

Taking-Amazing-Photos-for-Your-Blog There’s a famous saying that goes something like this: “You’ve got to spend money to make money.”  We sometimes forget this simple maxim in the Information Age, where there is almost always a more affordable option. We can shop online for cheaper toys, cheaper jewelry, cheaper almost anything. Of...
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25 Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Website

traffic Getting traffic to your website isn’t as easy as you think. With millions of blogs on the web, what makes you so special? Why should people listen to you instead of somebody else. Aquiring quality traffic is very hard. But don’t let hard discourage you. It can be done....
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Top 40 Premium Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Templates

Premium-Facebook-Timeline-Cover-Photo If you’re running a business, overlooking the design of your Facebook fan page isn’t an option. You must have a clean visual presentation of your blog, product, business, etc. By having a beautiful profile and an engaging cover photo, you will stand out from the crowd. I know I constantly say this about...
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Contextual Advertisement Providers: The Best Alternatives to AdSense

google-adsense-money AdSense is an onscreen advertisement service offered by Google which  allows users to publish advertisements on their websites and earn money on the basis of the numbers of visitors clicking on such adverts each month. To apply for an AdSense account, you need to have a working Google account....
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Tips for Finding Your Blogging Voice

Tips-for-Finding-Your-Blogging-Voice Blogging can be a fun creative outlet or a profitable occupation. A blog can show the world your thoughts and talents while connecting you with other people who share your passions, your concerns, and your point of view. Your options are limited only by the scope of your imagination...
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Blogger Failure – Why Does it Happen?

5-Reasons-Bloggers-Fail Nowadays, doesn’t it seem like there are just too many blog consultants out there? Have you already started your blog using WordPress or Blogger? Many bloggers start out in the fast lane, very excited about their blogs. Unfortunately, even more run out of gas before they even finish the...
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