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4 Awesome After-Sales Techniques That Will Attract Loyal Customers

after-sale Gaining customer loyalty is always a key achievement for any business since revenue comes mostly from repeat business. In fact, maintaining relations with a loyal customer costs five times less than attracting new ones. The information age plays favorably towards buyers since they can acquire product information easily from...
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Get the Most Out of Your Customer Satisfaction Survey

survey Customer satisfaction is arguably the most important issue for any business. You cannot ignore this it, unless you want to see your profits dwindling over a period of time to get the idea that your customers are no longer happy with your products/services. You need to conduct a customer...
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Does Mobile Marketing Have Enough Firepower to Make a Difference for Your Business?

nokia According to statistics, the number of smartphone users has grown by 36 percent from last year. This is in part due to Instant Messaging technology and innovations like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik. With messages that can easily be sent through social media in a matter of seconds, more...
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Tips for Finding a Professional Copywriter

pen Good copy, be it in a landing page, social media update or email newsletter, plays a major role in the success of any business. This is why finding a good copywriter is very important. You should not just settle for any of the numerous copywriters out there who are...
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6 Tips for Nurturing Good Relationships with your Web Design Clients

web-design-clients The way customers interact with brands has changed dramatically over the past decade; social media and technology have given rise to the age of the consumer; where brand loyalty is fickle and everyone has a channel to voice their opinion. Because of this, nurturing good quality, long-lasting relationships with...
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5 Killer Email Marketing Strategies to Live By

email If you think people are moving away from emails and that email is dead, you may want to go through eMarketer’s research in which they state that email is still the most common method used for acquiring new customers. As a matter of fact, email spending increases 10% every...
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Top 10 Tactics for Running an Online Business

Top-10-Tactics-for-Running-an-Online-Business So, you’ve decided to start an online business and five years from now you picture yourself sitting at a beach drinking your favorite beverage in Bahamas. Your financial worries are virtually gone because you just sold your multi-million dollar empire to large corporate company. Sounds good doesn’t it? While...
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