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Maximizing Value While Lowering Costs to Customer Service

The lifeblood of any business is its customers. Without them, there is no business to speak of. For this reason, a good business should invest in excellent customer service as its every aspect should be about the customer and retaining...

/ December 23, 2013

Make Your Marketing Campaign Inspiring by using Animation

As video grows on the web, more and more brands are taking to video marketing to help them achieve their marketing goals. There are some well known brands which would not have experienced their rate of success if it wasn’t for...

/ December 20, 2013

How to Know if Your Business Idea Will Stick

We’ve all heard of doing business using the shotgun approach, which means throwing a bunch of stuff at a wall to see what sticks. It’s a method that many businesses have used in the past to test new products and...

/ December 16, 2013

Pricing Strategies: How to Price Your Products Competitively

A common dilemma for producing a product is PRICING. It’s often difficult to decide the price range of a product. The optimal outcome needs to be achieved – consumers will not think of it as overpriced nor as too cheap....

/ December 16, 2013

Should You Tap The Great Potential of Live Chat?

With most things (people, products, services) maintaining an online presence and providing seamless interactivity has become the rule rather than exception. When people are on their mobile devices, they expect to have whatever they need within a few swipes or clicks...

/ December 12, 2013

10 Thank You Ideas for Your Clients

Giving clients gifts is a great way to say thank you, to remind the client to send business your way, and to show your thoughtfulness. Here is a list of the 10 client gifts to say thank you. Gifts That...

/ December 11, 2013

Branding: Definitions and Terms You Should Know

Did you know that a brand is defined as an intangible asset? This means that it’s often the most valuable asset on a corporation’s balance sheet. Proper branding can result in higher sales. If people know and trust your brand,...

/ December 6, 2013

Generating Positive Publicity for your Business

There are many ways for companies to generate positive publicity for the sole purpose of increasing sales. Many businesses now have a presence on the Internet and by doing this they are able to reach potential customers in towns and...

/ December 5, 2013

Corporate Branding: How to Add Value To Your Brand

To be successful, a company’s brand identity needs to be made up of the same elements consistently present across the many visual and virtual properties that it owns. Design plays a huge part to adapt the brand features to each...

/ December 3, 2013

4 Awesome After-Sales Techniques That Will Attract Loyal Customers

Gaining customer loyalty is always a key achievement for any business since revenue comes mostly from repeat business. In fact, maintaining relations with a loyal customer costs five times less than attracting new ones. The information age plays favorably towards...

/ November 28, 2013