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6 Tips for Nurturing Good Relationships with your Web Design Clients

The way customers interact with brands has changed dramatically over the past decade; social media and technology have given rise to the age of the consumer; where brand loyalty is fickle and everyone has a channel to voice their opinion....

/ November 18, 2013

5 Killer Email Marketing Strategies to Live By

If you think people are moving away from emails and that email is dead, you may want to go through eMarketer’s research in which they state that email is still the most common method used for acquiring new customers. As...

/ November 15, 2013

Top 10 Tactics for Running an Online Business

So, you’ve decided to start an online business and five years from now you picture yourself sitting at a beach drinking your favorite beverage in Bahamas. Your financial worries are virtually gone because you just sold your multi-million dollar empire...

/ November 14, 2013

Valuable Business Lessons I learned From Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a reality TV series which originally aired on August 9th, 2009. The show focuses on business pitches from hopeful entrepreneurs to a panel of prospective financiers (the sharks). As I followed the show, I learned a great number of valuable...

/ November 11, 2013

13 Simple Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Buyers

We’ve all been there – One day you decided to start your business online and made a website hoping a surge of traffic would eventually produce buyers. You incessantly dream of a solid stream of revenue coming your way. But...

/ November 7, 2013

Improve Your Business Life with 3 Simple Food Tips

If you eat whatever happens to be conveniently in front of you at any given point in time and find yourself lagging by the time the afternoon rolls around, it’s more than likely because of your poor eating habits. Your...

/ November 1, 2013

Thinking Long-Term: 5 Perennial Strategies to Retain Customers

Shrewd business owners realize how invaluable customers are to the life of their enterprise, for without them, who else is going to bite into their offer? This is why they take customer service seriously by investing in resources such as...

/ October 31, 2013

Why Phones Still Matter for Small Businesses

In a world of instant communication, it can be hard to appreciate a simple telephone and what it can do for your business. With so much buzz surrounding internet marketing and social media, it can be easy to forget all...

/ October 30, 2013

The Makings of an Effective Leader: 7 Strategies Every Manager Should Adopt

While some say great leaders are born, others tend to think it takes some practice to become a manager that people look up to and respect. Either way, everyone knows a company’s success depends on how well its management leads,...

/ October 29, 2013

Lending Color to Your Business: 8 Common Colors and What They Say About Your Enterprise

To say that a logo is a powerful component of your business would be an understatement. If you’re able to integrate a clever company message to a unique and remarkable insignia, people will easily be attracted to find out who...

/ October 25, 2013