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The Pros and Cons of Flat Web Design

Flat-Design There’s no denying that flat design is everywhere you look these days. Like always, web design is rapidly changing and evolving. The entire industry is currently shifting from 3D and skeuomorphism to flat and minimal design. Flat web design is a concept that focuses on the user and only features...
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Top 7 Most Disturbing Brand Mascots of All Time

Disturbing-Brand-Mascots-of-All-Time It is no secret that mascots are a brand’s best friend when it comes to customer loyalty and instilling trust. In fact, more and more companies are seriously looking into creating a mascot to build brand identity and recognition effectively. But what happens when a mascot doesn’t perform the...
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What’s Advertising Without Design?

What's-Advertising-Without-Design Media jobs are at a surplus. Whether it’s journalism, public relations, marketing or traditional advertising, the recovery of the United States economy indicates that media revenue is bouncing back stronger than ever, generating both jobs and interest for new grads. In response, schools have rapidly evolved in order to...
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Corporate Branding: How to Add Value To Your Brand

branding To be successful, a company’s brand identity needs to be made up of the same elements consistently present across the many visual and virtual properties that it owns. Design plays a huge part to adapt the brand features to each channel or format in order to achieve the business’...
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The Beginners Guide on Making Social-Friendly Infographics

infographic If visual content was an army, then an infographic would be a tank. Infographics serve as incredible marketing weapons. They’re a great source of information and everyone* loves them! The reason infographics are so appealing is because they bring data alive. With so many infographic creation tools available these days,...
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How to Sell Responsive Design

responsive-web-design In a world where responsive design is one of the top concerns of businesses for their websites, there are still times where you have to persuade your client that it’s worth having. If you find yourself in the position of having to sell responsive design, the suggestions listed below...
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5 Unique Ways to Make Your Website Shine

5-Unique-Ways-to-Make-Your-Website-Shine For anyone interested in engaging an online following or interest, a website is a portal to an audience. It can help you connect, it can represent your business in a certain way, and it can provide a channel for consumers to find you and do business with you. In...
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