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How to Achieve the Most Creative Workspace Ever

wrokspace Your workspace should be the place you can go to to get your creative juices flowing and be at your most productive. Too often, people are working in an uninspiring, lifeless environment that only stunts their creativity. Today we will take a look at some great tips to optimize...
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8 Websites That Will Turn You into a Photoshop Guru

8-Websites-That-Will-Turn-You-into-a-Photoshop-Guru Photoshop is one of, probably the, most power graphic design application around. With endless features and functions, Photoshop is hard to master. If you’re new to Photoshop, all of the features and buttons can be very intimidating. If you’re moderately skilled with Photoshop, there’s likely still a lot for you to learn....
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Create a Beautiful App Icon: 6 Tips From Apple

Create-a-Beautiful-App-Icon It’s essential that your app has a nice-looking icon. If your icon doesn’t stick out, users are less likely to use your app. Yet, having a vibrant app icon often isn’t enough. If your icon doesn’t look professional, you may lose some credibility. Furthermore, poor app icon design is...
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How to Become a Brainstorming Genius

How-to-Become-a-Brainstorming-Genius Why is it important to be able to brainstorm effectively? Well, brainstorming is the foundation for all creative and innovative ideas. Being able to look at a problem and find a solution that not only solves the problem, but does so in an ingenious way can make you an...
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Incorporating Subtle Patterns and Minimalism into Web Design

Patterns-and-Minimalism Web design used to be about flashy, bright colors, attention-getters and flash animations that were full of movement and activity designed to be extremely noticeable. Front-end design standards have come a long way since those days, with flash quickly becoming a thing of the past and the professional standard...
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Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Infographics

Do’s-and-Don’ts-of-Creating-Infographics As one of the most popular techniques of content marketing, information graphics (aka infographics) are hot stuff in today’s digital marketing community. But with many proclaiming their popularity to be short-lived – all in all ‘a bit of a fad’ – there is a risk that if done badly,...
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Great Content Planning Results In A Great Website

Great-Content-Planning Many articles have been written explaining how you must design interfaces, graphics and how to deal with clients. But one key step in web development is frequently forgotten and that is content planning, which is also called IA (information architecture) planning. If you rush ahead to programming and pixels...
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