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Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Infographics

As one of the most popular techniques of content marketing, information graphics (aka infographics) are hot stuff in today’s digital marketing community. But with many proclaiming their popularity to be short-lived – all in all ‘a bit of a fad’...

/ August 15, 2013

Great Content Planning Results In A Great Website

Many articles have been written explaining how you must design interfaces, graphics and how to deal with clients. But one key step in web development is frequently forgotten and that is content planning, which is also called IA (information architecture)...

/ August 7, 2013

10 Most Successful Graphic Design Kickstarter Projects

What Is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a platform where creative people can go to get their passion, ideas, and ambition funded. It’s currently the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects! Every week, tens of thousands of people pledge millions of dollars to...

/ August 2, 2013

Think Design is Easy? Think Again.

Design is easy right? Wrong. Design isn’t just decoration or how something looks. It’s much more than that. It’s how users interact with it, how the content is structured, and how something acts. People who have no knowledge in this...

/ July 24, 2013

Long Shadow Design: A Pointless Trend?

By now you’re probably aware of the flat design trend. If not, feel free to read about it here. The latest trend on the scene is called long shadow trend. Personally I don’t really find anything special about this trend....

/ July 24, 2013

Web Accessibility And Design Considerations

Most people whom surf the web take it for granted; however, people with disabilities and impairments often feel it can be an inhospitable place to visit. Disabilities affect 750 million people worldwide and three out of every 10 families are...

/ July 16, 2013

Understanding Different Image Formats and Their Proper Use

An image is an image, right? Wrong. Your image can have more letters after its file name than someone who’s spent years in higher education. We may ignore file extensions like .Jpeg, .bmp and .gif because they seem meaningless, but...

/ July 15, 2013