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Achieve the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

Many people in the world have dreams about being rich and famous. Rock stars and sporting greats are household names that most of the world has heard of, yet they are not the only lifestyles that people aspire to. Many...

/ July 16, 2012

Make Money through Freelancing and Manage Your Debts

A lot of people’s salary is not even enough to get them through a month, what more if they use it to pay for their debts and other finances? Surely, there’ll be nothing left for them and they most probably...

/ July 3, 2012

How to Stay Focused and Reach Goals Being a Freelancer

We all work hard trying to reach every set goal and achieve fruitful results in what we are involved in. But when you are a freelancer this task becomes even more challenging. The point is that you are your own...

/ June 8, 2012

9 Important Tips for the Budding Self-Taught Internet Entrepreneur

Congratulations! If you are reading this then you have taken the first step in becoming a self-taught Internet entrepreneur…even if it’s just having an interest in it. It’s never too early, or too late to learn as much as you...

/ June 4, 2012

5 Accounting Tips for Freelance Designers

Being a freelancer can be good for so many reasons, some of the major ones being: You work whenever you want You determine whom to work for You determine how much you make You can outsource part of your work...

/ May 29, 2012

5 Things You Need to Create a Productive Virtual Office

Virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular as people struggle to manage their work/home life balance by telecommuting. Freelancers also often require virtual offices because they sometimes need to work from a remote location. In order to have a truly productive...

/ May 15, 2012

How to Avoid Being a Lazy Freelance Copywriter

Oops, it’s nearly lunchtime and you have barely started writing yet… you have spent the entire morning checking email, surfing the web, watching funny videos and staring into space. It was fun to be lazy for a while, but now...

/ May 2, 2012

8 Tips for Web Designers Who Bid on Freelancing Sites

More and more B2B (business to business) transactions are currently moving to the web, so it is no surprise that web designers have seen this as their traditional source of business since the beginning. Except for the largest of companies,...

/ April 23, 2012

Easy Ways to Work Freelance Writing into Your Daily Routine

When you have a job and a family, it can often feel like there’s little time for anything else. You may be in the habit of putting your own wants and needs behind everyone else’s. Freelance writing may be a...

/ April 13, 2012

Tips for Writing Productivity – The Star Freelancer Guide

Productivity is extremely important to a writer, especially if they are responsible for producing a certain amount of content per day. Like other professions, writers can also go through a funk. The creativity isn’t there, the desire isn’t there, and...

/ March 20, 2012