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How to Select The Perfect Color for Your Website

The Internet is an almost inexhaustible source of applications and sites and given the current trend the future will bring a steady growth both in numbers but also in importance. The winner of this avalanche of possibilities is definitely the Internet user who will decide who will thrive and who will require a rethinking or…

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6 Ways To Overcome Freelance Stress

Anyone who has freelanced for some time can attest to the fact that freelancing at times can be stressful. With demanding clients, deadlines, financial concerns, and admin task you're freelancing dream can easily turn into a nightmare. Like all things in this world nothing lasts forever and with that being said you will eventually get…

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Branding and Design for the Internet Browser

The Internet browser, long the workhorse of the computer, had the visual appeal of a mule. Today’s browsers offer such flexibility that no one needs to live with an ugly browser again. Plus, with the adoption of “app marketplaces” across smart phones, tablets and browsers it’s lowered barriers and increased the rate of sampling by…

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iPad 2 Giveaway with Punchtab

UPDATED: Thank you to everybody who participated, and congrats to George Saund for winnig the shiny new iPad 2! Guess what? Inspirationfeed and Punchtab have teamed up for an incredible giveaway! Many of you have beed supporting us for quite sometime, to show our gratitude and appretiation we would like to reward you all. Apparently the…

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Review: Not Your Typical Crowdsourcing Site

Economic downfalls in the last decade saw a huge increase in the need for high quality graphic design at affordable prices. Crowdsourcing and spec design has quickly become the design industry’s answer to clients’ need for creative design coupled with a fear of unnecessary spending. With crowdsourcing, a client will describe his needs, hundreds of…

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