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Jack of All Trades

Why Being a Jack of all Trades Is a Great Thing

“Jack of all trades, master of none.” This is one line that we have heard too many times, something that has dissuaded many from going beyond what they already know. But then again, this line also came from a time...

/ November 11, 2016

6 Important Things to Know Before Becoming a Reseller

Becoming a reseller of technology equipment and services can be a lucrative enterprise. It can also be a total disaster if you aren’t prepared for the realities of this type of business. Reselling is a lot more than simply choosing...

/ November 10, 2016

7 Video Conferencing Mistakes You Better Stop Now

These days, the number of companies adopting video conferencing into their communication platforms is growing. More and more people are also getting better at using the technology. But not everything is smooth sailing. It’s not uncommon for first-timers to hit...

/ November 9, 2016

A New Marketer’s Guide to Referrals

Your best friend tells you about the most comfortable shoes he’s ever worn, and you try on a pair for yourself. Your sister exclaims about the terrible service at that new restaurant, and you know to stay away. You listen...

/ November 9, 2016

Freelancers, it’s Time to Know Your Market Rates

Online job information sites like PayScale and Glassdoor are invaluable tools for any employee who want to walk into their boss’s office and negotiate their way into better salary. But if you just walk into that office and say “I...

/ November 4, 2016

5 Tried-and-True Hacks to Drive up Average Order Value (AOV)

If you are running an eCommerce store, you must know how much time, efforts and resources are required just to launch it. The struggle continues when orders start coming in. Inspired by the first sales, you surely want to get...

/ November 2, 2016
Countdown Timer

How Often Should You Redesign your Website

So you now have the website of your dreams. It defines who you are as a brand and a professional, and perfectly portrays the image you’ve always been hoping to portray. You have all the right pieces of content, and...

/ November 2, 2016
Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome and How to Deal with It

Impostor Syndrome refers to the persistent feeling of being inadequate or not enough despite all the indications it is not what’s true. It is that nagging feeling of self-doubt which just won’t stop making a person feel less confident about...

/ October 31, 2016
What Can Mockup Scene Creator Do for Your Design

How to Create Your Own Desk Mockup

Mockup Scene Creator enables you to build the desk scene that suits your design. It’s an effective way for any creative individual like you to display your work, making your desktop settings fully customizable. This article summarizes why we highly...

/ October 28, 2016
How to Get Paid What You're Worth

How to Get Paid What You’re Worth

If you’re like the majority of people, the very thought of negotiating over money makes you utterly uncomfortable. The bargaining is something you try to get over with as early as possible. However, if you neglect even just a step...

/ October 26, 2016