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Soak Up These 20 Good Habits for a Better You

oranges An English poet said it best, “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” There are tons of good habits we can turn to so we could make our daily life more entertaining, healthier and easier. Some are easy enough to do, alas, often neglected by...
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What Were the Top Business Card Trends of 2014?

Business Card Trends In many arenas, 2014 was an excellent year for innovative design. Minimalism invaded every outlet from web to advertising, responsive design improved, and design in all aspects became more about user comprehension. Business cards were among the formats that received new life from some of the hottest trends to...
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The 10 Principles of Highly Effective Websites

better website Think you’ve got what it takes to design a terrific-looking website, but your words just don’t seem to cut it? Fortunately, creating great content for a website is not that difficult, as long as you stick to some basic principles with your writing. The little details are what really...
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The Best Pieces of Advice Every Designer Needs to Know

design advice For budding designers or newbies, one advice from a pro can change the course of their careers. Producing ideas isn’t normally the problem – designers, newbie or seasoned, have plenty of that. Usually, it’s the self-doubt that creeps in, second-guessing if what you have in mind is the best...
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Idea Machine: Surprising Yourself with Ideas Out of Nowhere

how to become an idea machine Idea: the origin of the best and worst moments of your life. Everything we cultivate comes from a single idea. The sumptuous dinner you plan to cook tonight? That’s a yummy idea. The trip you want to take with your partner? That’s an exciting idea. The business you want...
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New Year’s Resolution: Learn How to Code

learn-how-to-code You know that feeling. You’ve been meaning to take action for a while. You’ve a great idea and an inkling to to make the next Snapchat. But how? It’s super hard to code right?  Not completely true. What better a time to start learning than 2015! Coding is a...
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Top 50 Habits You Should Break in 2015

Habits-You-Should-Break-in-2013 Do you feel like time is passing by too fast and you don’t have anything to show for it? Do you feel like you are not doing some thing right, yet you can’t really put your finger on it? It’s like there is something holding you back from achieving your dreams?...
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