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How to Overcome the Fear of Being Alone

Being-Alone Loneliness. Does that word scare you? A surprising number of people fear being alone. In the United States we’re socially programmed into believing that being lonely is weird. We constantly see this in movies and TV shows. If you’re quiet or alone, you’re automatically labeled as weird, strange, or a...
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How to Invest Time in Yourself

Invest-in-Yourself Investing time in yourself is way better than investing money into something or someone else. When you invest in yourself and build valuable skill sets, you will never have to worry about unemployment again. If you were to strip Bill Gates of his assets and put him out on the...
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70+ Life Lessons and Advice I Would Teach My Younger Self

Life-Lessons-and-Advice-I-Would-Teach-My-Younger-Self Over the last few years I’ve learned many valuable life lessons and would like to share them with you. These tips aren’t really age restricted, I just wish I would’ve know about them earlier. I guess making mistakes and learning from them is the most important lesson in life,...
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Regrets Will Eat Your Soul: Learn How to Let Go

Regrets-Will-Eat-Your-Soul Have you ever done or said something you wish you haven’t? Well, welcome to the club. As humans, we tend to make many mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes end up changing our lives for better or for worse. It’s hard to swallow gilt or shame, but it’s not the end of...
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Personal Favorites: 10 Kick-Ass Documentaries You Should Watch

DMT Like movies, documentaries tell us a compelling story. Documentaries usually open our eyes to hidden truth, or knowledge we’ve neglected paying attention to. What I love most about documentaries, is that I get to learn something new every single time I watch one. Most importantly, I don’t look at watching documentaries...
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8 Tips to Drastically Improve Your Writing

Fountain-Pen I believe that everybody should be good at writing. Why? Because writing is the primary basis upon which your learning, work, and intellect will be judged. Now I’m no Shakespeare, but at least I’m constantly trying to improve myself. I believe the following tips are bound to make you a...
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Understanding Trust: What it is and How to Build it

trust Trust is defined as a position of obligation, and that couldn’t be more important in a business setting in where you have an obligation to your employees and your coworkers. When you have a position in which you are in charge of a team, company or have to make...
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