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Drive Results: How to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page SEO

Getting better SEO rankings for your Facebook Fan Page is a tedious task. It requires a specific set of skills and a lot of patience. There are several techniques and methods to improve your Facebook Fan Page SEO, however, only a...

/ December 4, 2013

How To Improve Search Engine Indexing

What is Search Engine Indexing? We all know what indexing is. But indexing has an altogether different context when used in the parlance of Search Engine. Search engine spiders crawl a page and record the words and phrases on it...

/ November 29, 2013

Why Quantity Isn’t Always Key When Backlinking to Your Website

If you’ve ever used Google Search, you know that it focuses on providing you with high quality search results. Their algorithm evaluates websites based on hundreds of factors. I you wish to know specifically how Google ranks websites, check out this resource. When...

/ November 20, 2013

45 Ways to Create Backlinks – My 4 Years of Experience in One Article

With over 4 years of experience in blogging and search engine optimization I decided to share almost every possible way to create backlinks. Links to your blog or website can help your website accumulate a large audience (make sure to have...

/ November 15, 2013

Site Traffic and Ranking: A Closer Look on the Effects of Social Media Signals

No one can doubt the power of social media. Not only does it make transnational communication much quicker and easier, but it also matters now in SEO. According to Matt Cutts, social signals do matter in SEO. Google particularly counts...

/ October 25, 2013

7 Ways to Improve Your Click-through Rate

Like in other areas of life, success breeds success in online marketing. A link that gets clicked often will increase the page’s relevance, which improves its quality, which raises its position in search engine rankings, which leads to even higher...

/ October 18, 2013

5 Easy Ways to get Great Links to your Site!

So you’ve just built your website and it looks pretty damn awesome! You’ve put countless of man hours into it and you are so proud of it you just want to show it off to the whole World! But weirdly…...

/ September 30, 2013

The Key to SEO is Testing Your ROI

While the gold rush is mostly over, websites of all types are still paying plenty of money to enhance their rankings in search engine results. After all, ranking for high-volume keywords can provide thousands of referrals per day, which can...

/ August 28, 2013

Protecting Yourself From Negative SEO: Is It Something You Really Need to Be Afraid Of?

Competition on the Internet is tough and unscrupulous characters will often do anything it takes to get to the top, even if that means pushing others down on their way there. In a world where an improvement in search rankings...

/ August 27, 2013

Why Google+ Matters If You Want to Rank for Local Terms

One of the Internet’s biggest advantage is how incredibly huge it is. But this can be a problem too. Nothing frustrates people faster than having to change their search parameters over and over because nothing they’re getting back applies to...

/ August 19, 2013