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13 Ways to Prevent Your Website Going Down in Google Search

google When Google announced its new policies for analysis of webpages it caused different reactions. On the one hand, it had a positive impact on search results; on the other hand, it has exposed new requirements for blog and website owners. The following tips will help your blog or website...
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5 Factors You Should Prioritize Ahead Of SEO

5-Factors-You-Should-Prioritize-Ahead-Of-SEO Let’s get one thing clear, right from the start: SEO is not dead. As long as Google has an unknown algorithm for ranking organic search results, websites and companies will need people to help position them. Change in both Google’s policies and web culture in general might in turn...
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8 Digital Diet Forms You Should Adopt For Marketing Efficiency

diet To achieve better health, all kinds of diet are available today such as weight loss diet, the “veggie-fruit diet”, lean food diet, liquid food diet, and the ubiquitous balanced diet. Athletes, sports people, astronauts, and weight trainers have special diets too. What’s diet got to do with success in...
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The SEO Co-Citation Crisis is at Hand

SEO-Co-Citation-Crisis Not to alarm you or anything but the over-drama here is just to call your attention (and by “your,” I mean every person, company, agency, freelancer, website designer, anyone who has any responsibility for a website’s success or failure) to the information I now have about co-citation. The crisis...
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The Best SEO Advice You’ll Ever Get – Stop Whining and Get On With It!

seo-advice I spend a lot of time reading about SEO and I consider it part of my job to see what the latest industry news is and to see what the word on the street is regarding Google’s latest changes or the most effective strategies for getting to the top...
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Avoid Fake Reviews Google Warns SEO and Businesses

reviews Search Engine Optimization has been at the forefront of internet marketing, ever since Google has crawled its way into the hearts of our browsers. And thus making the name, Google, synonymous with internet search. Throughout the years, Google has become quite an authority when it comes to our everyday...
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10 Factors that Google uses to Index a Website

Index-a-Website When Google scans a website there are dozens of factors it takes into account in determining whether it is worth index a site or less. Here is a list of ten things to keep in mind to do to help your website to be indexed. 1. Content You do...
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