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Social Junkie to Jobless Grumpy: 10 Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

social media mistakes Love to update your loved ones with your daily activities? There’s Facebook. Love to make witty commentaries to share with your followers? You’ve got Twitter. Love to take pictures to present to the world? Instagram is your friend. Love to lose your job? Thank you, social media. Wait—what? It’s...
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4 Ways to Use Vine for Marketing

Vine People are getting more and more creative with they way they are marketing these days – especially through social media. From Facebook profiles to Pinterest boards, Google+ pages to Instagram accounts, people are finding all sorts of ways to get word out about their products and services digitally. One...
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How to Make Your Blog’s Visuals Stand Out on Pinterest

pinterest Image is important. Having a look that people like is one of the most influential factors leading consumers to your site. Unfortunately, while maintaining an appropriate image is crucial, many companies still overlook it, considering it to be of minor significance. While keeping up an image that your audience...
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Ready to Build Your Presence On Pinterest? Follow These 10 Things Before You Get Started

Ready-to-Build-Your-Presence-On-Pinterest Now that you have decided to jump onto the Pinterest band-wagon, you need to know few things about this new kid on the internet block because, as they say, knowledge is power. Once you know what Pinterest is all about you can exploit its features to the fullest. Pinterest...
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4 Ways Experts Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter-Marketing So you’ve spent a good amount of time mastering Twitter, and you’ve become decent (or even good!) at attracting followers and engaging them with your pithy and clever 140-word messages. But do you feel like you’ve plateaued in terms of what you know how to engage your followers and/or...
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The Art of Marketing in 2014

The-Art-of-Marketing-in-2014 Social media; get over it. It’s no longer a shiny new tool; it’s just the way we communicate now, and like it or not it’s here to stay. Our lives are no longer on and offline – we are creating seamless paths between the two. A complete lifestyle enriched...
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10 Social Media Secrets of the Famous

10-Social-Media-Secrets-of-the-Famous Social media has never been the same, since it has been used to relay information, promote products and ideas. It has evolved from an interactive place where you can chit chat with your friends into a thriving, integrated public communication tool. These days, social networking sites have become a key marketplace....
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