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Social Media

The Art of Marketing in 2014

The-Art-of-Marketing-in-2014 Social media; get over it. It’s no longer a shiny new tool; it’s just the way we communicate now, and like it or not it’s here to stay. Our lives are no longer on and offline – we are creating seamless paths between the two. A complete lifestyle enriched...
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10 Social Media Secrets of the Famous

10-Social-Media-Secrets-of-the-Famous Social media has never been the same, since it has been used to relay information, promote products and ideas. It has evolved from an interactive place where you can chit chat with your friends into a thriving, integrated public communication tool. These days, social networking sites have become a key marketplace....
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The Dangers of Buying Facebook Likes

facebook-likes It pays to be popular on Facebook, literally at times. So much so that some businesses are willing to pay for attention. And where there’s demand, there’s bound to be supply. Quite a few businesses have sprung up in the last decade claiming to bolster your social media marketing...
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Is Blogging Something I’m Capable of Doing?

blogging We all have something to say and a need to be heard. We all like discussing ideas and opinions with people. People in our immediate surroundings are probably a bit easier to read and you can usually predict what opinion someone from your hometown has about a certain subject....
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4 Tips for Measuring Your Social Media Benefits

measure If you’re not skilled in certain subjects like business, economics and math, two words might cross your mind when trying to decipher the methods used to measure the success of a social media campaign: “Holy crap!” Core objectives, metrics, conversions, leads, retention, CBA, ROI, value formulas – many marketers...
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Tips For Getting Active Instagram Followers

instagram Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social networks, with more than 100 million active users. Whether you simply wish to impress your friends, possess some Internet influence or make your business widely-known, you may need real Instagram followers. Below I’ve highlighted some useful tips to help you...
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Tips And Tricks To Get More YouTube Views

youtube-new-logo When it comes to YouTube views, there are many ways to obtain satisfactory results and increase the popularity of your channel. Fortunately, you don’t need to have advanced skills, knowledge, or to be very experienced regarding this matter. In this article we will provide effective steps you should take...
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