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5 Creative Uses of Twitter’s Vine

vine In January of this year, Twitter introduced Vine, their service for embedding 6-second looping videos into tweets. Twitter is the micro-blogging tool of the text world, so it makes sense that their video service would be micro, too. The new tool confused some at first, but creative uses soon...
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7 Steps to Build Your Audience on Instagram

Building-Your-Audience-on-Instagram Instagram is a great service for artists, designers, and others with a creative eye. Not only is it free, but it requires minimal gadgetry (you don’t need a fancy camera or expensive editing equipment – just a smartphone!) and it’s a social network that directly rewards your creative efforts...
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9 Twitter Tips and Techniques for Your Business

Twitter-Icon Within the past year Twitter has nearly doubled in users. As of now, 21% of the global internet population are active users on Twitter. Although the popularity of Twitter may not compare to that of the social media beast, Facebook, Twitter can be a great if not one of...
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How Artists & Designers Can Grow Their Audience on Pinterest

Pinterest-Open-for-Business Have you been avoiding Pinterest? Why? With its 40 million users, Pinterest is a relatively small social network compared to Facebook (which hit 1 billion users late last year), but it’s an active one. 80% of Pinterest’s pins are repins – that is, someone enjoyed something that someone else...
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10 Best Practices for Better Social Media Writing

Social-Media-Writing Businesses today are all aware of the importance of the social media so they are all getting involved engaging with their audience in this manner, but unfortunately not all companies out there know how to properly write for this media and that’s the reason why many of them don’t...
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4 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email-Marketing Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers. When done correctly, it can be extremely effective. However, many marketers miss the mark and make mistakes that render the marketing strategy not only less effective, but utterly useless. In many cases, the emails never reach the...
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Google+ Communities Meant to ‘Plus’ the Visitor Base

google-plus Google+ recently introduced a new feature in the form of community similar to Orkut. These Google+ communities are forums where people join and share a lot of stuff with each other. Google has once again bounced back with new features with two types of communities in the form of...
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