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Top Tips for Connecting with your Audience via Facebook

As Sally Fields once said as she was accepting her Oscar, “I can’t deny the fact…that you like me…right now! You LIKE me!!” How great was that? You can’t even fault her for gushing, right? Okay, so you may not...

/ February 11, 2013

How to Promote a Puzzle Game on Social Media

Create awareness by online marketing Since the online puzzle targets social media users, the best site to create awareness about the game is to advertise and market it online. There are many websites that are commonly in use by the...

/ February 7, 2013

The Social Media Creep Deep In All Of Us

Imagine this: you’ve met up with a friend for coffee.  You’re filling each other in on your lives, and he asks you what you did over the weekend.  “Just a little food shopping,” you say.  “Took the dog to the...

/ January 29, 2013

Social Media and Politics: How are the two Interlinked?

Social media is a bit like Schrodinger’s Cat – it seems to exist simultaneously in two states. In the first, it’s a channel that’s come of age – one we’ve firmly started to get to grips with and are using...

/ January 22, 2013

Traffic Essentials: Methods, Resources, and Instructions

Every marketer knows that traffic is the lifeblood of all online business ventures. Building traffic alerts people, and the search engines that a website is on the Internet. Without traffic, there are no buyers. Without buyers, there is no income,...

/ January 7, 2013

5 Social Network Insights that Help People Choose Better Cars

The thrill of buying your first car is like none other! Just the thought of driving out the dealership, with windows rolled and your smirk face on, is capable of inducing what we know as a mini heart attack of...

/ December 28, 2012

Accelerate Your Success with Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm. It generates so much referral that it is a great disservice to your brand if you do not utilize it for marketing. Pinterest is only second in rank to Facebook when it...

/ December 26, 2012

Social Media is a New Virtual Market! Know How?

You get something new every time whenever you think about leaving your preferred social media platform. These platforms have acquired an important place in our lives and helped us in almost every situation of our social lives. Considerably, every social...

/ December 25, 2012

Social Media Ninja Skills for Small Business

Are you ready to learn the teachings of the samurai? I say this because (in my humble opinion) small businesses really need to up the ante when it comes to online marketing. It’s time to develop some social media ninja...

/ December 19, 2012

Mobile Advertising: The Big Picture

Welcome to the wireless revolution! If you’re new to the 4G wireless age, don’t worry. This is a great opportunity to learn about this technology and how it applies to business today. But, we understand that you do know business...

/ December 6, 2012