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Tumblr Tips: Six Things Beginner’s Need to Know

Instead of going through the hassle of creating their own blogs, many people are turning to Tumblr. Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website, owned and operated by Tumblr, Inc. The service allows users to post multimedia and other...

/ September 28, 2012

Using Pinterest: 3 Ways To Find Your Niche

Pinterest is one of the younger social media sites out there but one of the fastest growing as well. It takes the best of Facebook and combines it with the best of Twitter and adds in some of it’s own...

/ September 27, 2012

What Online Advertisers Can Learn From Gangnam Style

Chances are that you’ve been living in a cave or completely isolated from all media sources if you haven’t heard of Gangam style yet. It’s a music video performed entirely in Korean by a Korean performer named Psy. The video...

/ September 21, 2012

Tips for Blogging for the Social Media Mindset

When it comes to the world today, brevity is quite important. Some people do not have the attention spans that it takes to read long and drawn out blogs. This is probably why Twitter has a 140-character limit! While you...

/ September 14, 2012

25 Signs You Are Addicted To Instagram

Anyone who has ever taken a photo with an iPhone will know the joys of Instagram. What else could turn a simple picture of your brand-new floral Doc Martins into a sun-bleached work of art? Let’s face it, everything from a...

/ September 11, 2012

Five Brand Pages That Got the Facebook Timeline Layout Right

Cover photos for Facebook brand pages were all the rage when they were launched on March 30th of this year. These pages helped companies to get creative and further develop the brand, helped them highlight milestones in a company’s story,...

/ August 27, 2012

Being Social: Findings and Advice From a Social Media Expert

Whether it is YouTube subscribers, Facebook likes, or LinkedIn connections, nearly everyone is trying to build a larger network. The skill it takes to be successful at social media is found directly in its name: Social – the ability to...

/ August 24, 2012

Create Passive Income With YouTube Videos

Most people who have a YouTube channel are aware that videos on their channel can be monetized. In fact, this is commonly the fundamental purpose for creating a channel in the first place. The typical monetization scenario entails securing an...

/ August 6, 2012

The Haze of the Blog-o-Sphere

“This blog-Facebook-Twitter-land was made for you and me.”: Does everyone’s voice matter in the come-one-come-all macro-verse that is blogdom? The conventional wisdom derived from the notion of blogging could be worded in this answer: Sure! Since the internet is so...

/ July 25, 2012