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20 Premium Sans-Serif and Script Fonts

Premium-Sans-Serif-and-Script-Fonts Variety is always important, having more fonts in your collection never hurts. Today we present to you twenty premium sans-serif and script fonts that should be considered for your font collection. Sans-Serif – comes from the French word sans, meaning “without”. Sans-serif fonts tend to have less line width variation than serif...
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20 Handy Bold Script Fonts

20-Handy-Bold-Script-Fonts Today we have collected 20 elegant bold script fonts. The fonts will serve greatly for heading, logos, posters, web design, and etc. You can download and start using these font immediately. All of the images are linked to the download page of that font. We hope you will find these...
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Spice Up Your Collection With These Free Chalkboard Fonts

abc If you are looking for chalkboard fonts you are in the right place! Chalkboard fonts are mostly used for school presentation slides and abstract projects. We also see them in advertisements, banners, education, businesses and nursery institutions. Many Photoshop designers also mix these fonts to render some creative implementation...
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30 Fresh Free Fonts for Your Designs

Dark-Void As designers, we are always looking around for high quality fonts to spice up our designs. Here we have collected 25 free high quality fonts for you to use for your next project. All of the fonts were hand-picked and are linked to their download page. We hope you will...
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25 Well Crafted Free Minimal Fonts

Free Minimal Fonts Are you in need of some elegant minimal fonts? Is so, then we got your back. Today we have managed to locate beautifully designed fonts for your ever growing collection. The icing on the cake about these fonts, is that they are 100% free! Downloading and testing a font...
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40 Free Highly Functional Dingbat Fonts

dingbat fonts To save time and money, it’s a great idea to have a massive collection of different fonts. That way when you get client work, you won’t have to keep searching/downloading new fonts. Many designers are in search of pictograms, decorations, ornaments, and silhouettes type fonts. Rarely do you find useful...
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20 Free Fantastic Novelty Styled Fonts

novelty We have gathered an awesome little collection of free fonts. These are novelty styled fonts that must be added to your collection. To download the font just click on the picture and it will take you to the download page. These fonts are completely free for commercial and personal...
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