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20+ Examples of Clever Bus Stop Advertising

clever bus stop ads Statistics show that posting a bus shelter ad produces high impressions at a low CPM. Companies understand and use this to their advantage. Due to great visibility and low public ad cost, companies hire good advertising agencies to create engaging bus stop ads for them. What’s great about bus shelter ads, is...
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10 Extravagant Bachelor Pads From Around the World

Bachelor Pads It’s one of the world’s most poorly kept secrets that inside even the most domesticated of men there is a furtive longing for a bachelor pad. A place of refuge in the wildest of locations, where he can live (or relive) his youth with just his best mates, the...
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40 Entertaining Photoshop Disasters from The Advertising Industry

PSD-Disasters Over the years, has fearlessly called out industry giants such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Vogue, and more for their flagrant misuse of Photoshop. With numerous lawsuits, angry emails, and rants from famous models and photographers, Psdisasters still continues to follow their mission; point out everything unrealistic, physically impossible, and...
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Advertising Done Right: 40 Clever Examples

40-Clever-Examples Today we’ve got a great showcase for you. We collected clever print, newspaper, billboard, and magazine ads for your inspiration. What make these ads different from others? They’re well thought out. They share their message loud and clear. They’re highly creative. They’re blatantly honest. These ads are also very...
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Advertising Done Right: 25 Memorable Ads

memorable-ads I often laugh at companies who try to create an ad that is either too confusing or just has so much going on. As readers we’re bombarded with ads almost everywhere we go. While we watch TV, we see ads. While we browse the Internet, we see all sorts...
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Creative Placements for Outdoor Advertising

Creative-Placements-for-Outdoor-Advertising Outdoor advertising is a medium that has been around for a long time. The classic highway billboard has been a staple for outdoor marketers and continues to be an effective tool. However, as advertising budgets have shrank and competition for the target audience’s attention has increased; marketers are looking...
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25 Creative Shopping Bag Advertisements

Creative-Shopping-Bag-Advertisements Usually shopping bags have a logo or the name of the company on the bag. But what if you could gain attention of potential customers without actually having to talk to them? Bagvertising has been around for several years. The idea of using a bag as an opportunity to market...
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