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Caterpillar House built from shipping containers

8 Modern Container Homes That Will Blow Your Mind

When you hear the term ‘shipping containers’, you probably think about those huge, shapeless steel boxes that carry every imaginable thing from one place to another. So when you hear someone tell you that they live in a shipping container,...

/ November 24, 2015
10 Extravagant Airbnb Rentals You Will Want to Stay At

10 Extravagant Airbnb Rentals You Will Want to Stay At

If you’re a frequent vacationer or a first-time traveler, it’s likely possible that you may have heard about Airbnb. This revolutionary and social-loving website connects people who have a property to rent with travelers looking for a place to stay....

/ May 18, 2015
Crazy Stairs

50 Crazy Stairs from Around the World

The stairs inside any structure are often dismissed as just a functional part of the building, nothing more. Although they are designed to aesthetically blend in with the rest of your interior or exterior, they are often not styled in...

/ May 5, 2015
Luxury Hotels

10 Luxury Hotels That Will Make You Drool

Every once in a while, it’s nice to go out and take a break from all the stress in your life. When you find yourself looking for your next destination or simply looking for something to look forward to, you...

/ February 25, 2015
Impressive Tiny Homes

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: 10 Impressive Tiny Homes

There are people who believe that the bigger the home is, the more beautiful it is compared to other homes. While it’s true that big houses are nice, there’s still a certain appeal and warmer aura that comes along with...

/ December 26, 2014
Stylish Offices of Famous Companies

12 Stylish Offices of Famous Companies

Most offices are boring and do not really have anything at all remarkable to them. These offices have the standard beige colors and the standard office design with cubicles in one area and maybe some offices for the big bosses...

/ December 24, 2014

12 Creative and Innovative Tree House Designs

A house is a house: a home a home. If you are fortunate enough to have either, chances are you won’t discriminate against its style. Sometimes, though, fun and unconventional style homes are extremely great to look at, especially tree...

/ August 13, 2014