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Invigorating Narrow House by Fujiwaramuro Architects

Incredible-Narrow-House-by-Fujiwaramuro-Architects Fujiwaramuro Architects recently finished the Narrow House, a residential downtown house measuring just 36.95 sqm in Nada, Kobe, Japan. This incredible residence demonstrates that you don’t need a vast amount of space for cozy comfort. The home contains two bedrooms, kitchen, a garage, a living and dining room, and...
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Copper House by Charles Rose Architects

Copper-House-by-Charles-Rose-Architects Charles Rose Architects is an American architect whose designs reflect a keen feel for landscape and the distinct characteristics of a building site. Their recent renovation was a Colonial box with vinyl siding; it was poorly sited, and a garage cut it off from a spacious yard. Yet it had...
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Chicken Point Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects

Chicken-Point-Cabin This beautiful lakeside cabin was conceived by Tom Kundig. The shelter in the woods accommodated a big window that opens to the surrounding landscape. The 30 feet by 20 feet windows open the entire living space to the forest and lake, making you feel as one with the nature. The materials used to...
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Norwich Drive Residence in West Hollywood, CA

Norwich-Drive-Residence This lovely 3,300 square foot Nortwich Drive residence was finished by Clive Wilkinson Architects back in 2007. The home got acquired in 2004, and was constructed as Clive Wilkinson’s new house for his own use. The design needed to express the transition from commercial strip to small scale residential neighborhood, so the scale...
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4 Exotic Countries for Designers’ Coworking

Exotic-Countries-for-Designers Coworking is the way to cooperate with other designers and see the world to learn new things either from your coworkers or from the surroundings. The main point of this business model is that people are able to work far away from the place where they have to send...
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Panel Apartment Renovation by Viktor Csap

Panel-Apartment-Renovation-by-Viktor-Csap Some people say that a panel apartment has no chance to change…but Viktor Csap would beg to differ. Viktor is an architect born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. His specific focus on individual projects allows his creativity to thrive. His recent project is meant to show the untapped possibility of panel apartments. The...
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Zero House by Specht Harpman

ZeroHouse Specht Harpman was founded in 1995 by Scott Specht and Louise Harpman. They began working together while classmates at the Yale School of Architecture. A small company with rigorous standards for modern design, the firm’s award-winning work includes commercial, institutional and residential projects, as well as custom furniture. The...
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