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Back to the Brand Future – Guess the Famous Brands from these Future Logos

How will our favorite brands evolve as the world changes? What will company logos look like after we finally get our own personal spaceships, or following the great alien invasion? Just as a bit of fun, I turned some of...

/ November 23, 2015
40 Incredible Tattoo Designs and Ideas-min

40 Incredible Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Deciding on a tattoo design can be an overwhelming task. Although a lot of people are satisfied with an exact image from flash or graphic art, other folks want a personalized design which reflects their distinctive individuality and sense of...

/ June 19, 2015
Stunning Watercolor Artworks That Will Take Your Breath Away-min

30 Stunning Watercolor Artworks That Will Take Your Breath Away

Art takes a lot of forms. When it comes to painting, watercolor is one of the more challenging mediums to work with because of the mutability that water brings to the paint. Your paint can be hard to control if...

/ June 8, 2015
Inspiring Tattoo Designs by Marcin Surowiec

20 Inspiring Tattoo Designs by Marcin Surowiec

Marcin Surowiec is a Polish tattoo artist from Warsaw. His talent shines throughout his work while reaching for perfection at every given chance. Some of the following tattoos are kinda dark if you understand symbolism. But if you view them with an open...

/ June 1, 2015
Highly Detailed Doodle Art by Kerby Rosanes-min

Highly Detailed Doodle Art by Kerby Rosanes

At some point or another, even if you swear you have no artistic bone in your body, you have doodled. This form of drawing is almost a rite of passage. You’ve squiggled shapes, patterns, and textures in school. You’ve scribbled...

/ May 13, 2015
duck tape art

Mind Boggling Duct Tape Art by Max Zorn

Art truly comes in various shapes, sizes, and forms. Take Max Zorn’s masterpieces for instance. The Amsterdam-based artist uses a different kind of tool when creating his works of art. Not the typical paintbrush and easel. Not the conventional pencil...

/ May 11, 2015
origami art

Unfold Your Creativity: 40 Stunning Origami Artworks

If you’re enthusiastic about paper folding as a craft, it’s good to know a bit more about the history of origami. While no one person can take credit for inventing the craft, the art of paper folding is nearly as...

/ May 7, 2015