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Christian Stoll

Incredible Commercial Advertising Works by Christian Stoll

  Do you recall those print ads at bus stops, in magazines, and Internet? Some are quite moving thus making us interested to actually pause and see what and why something is being advertised. Those beautiful Photoshoped images are created...

/ January 3, 2012
Book sculptures

Mind Blowing Book Sculptures by Guy Laramee

So this is what we do with literature now that we have e-readers? Just kidding. Most people read books on a regular basis, we gain knowledge and obtain lessons that might be applied to our own life in the near future....

/ December 31, 2011
Kevin Tong

Outstanding Illustration Designs by Kevin Tong

Kevin Tong is a freelance illustrator currently living and working in the Los Angeles area. By the time he received his BFA from California State University, Long Beach in 2005, Kevin was already working professionally for different clients at that...

/ December 18, 2011
Striking Framed Papercuts by Peter Callesen

25 Striking Framed Papercuts by Peter Callesen

  Peter Callesen thrives on creating art from paper, rather on it. Using paper only as a source, he creates beautiful sculptural works. Each work is made by cutting out one sheet of paper, and using the removed scraps to...

/ November 25, 2011

30 Dazzling Examples of Pixel Art by Eboy

Eboy is Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. These three artists create a variety of stunning pixel art. They create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork. They sell posters, wallpapers, t-shirts, toys, and much...

/ February 7, 2011

17 Mind Blowing Paper Cut Rolls by Anastassia Elias

Ever wondered what to do with all the toilet rolls that we throw out? Well, Anastassia Elias has managed to create art out of it. Elias is an  illustrator from France. Her previous works have been featured in many exhibitions...

/ January 30, 2011

30 Life Like 3D Pencil Drawings by Wladimir Inostroza

Wladimir Inostroza, aka Fredo, is a talented artist from Chile. Recently his incredible work has appeared on several design blogs. His 3D illusions are brilliantly enhanced by the inclusion of real world objects. In the following sketches below you will...

/ January 26, 2011

20 Incredible Paper Sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka

Jeff Nishinaka is greatly known for his stunning paper sculptures. Living in sunny California LA, Jeff has 28 years of professional experience. Nishinaka attended UCLA and graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, there he discovered paper sculpture...

/ January 20, 2011

20 Examples of Origami Paper Folding by Won Park

Origami is a Japanese art of paper folding. What makes this art different from others, is the skill to use only one piece of paper to make an object/figure. Unlike other arts you cannot cut or glue the paper, which...

/ January 19, 2011

26 Outstanding Illustrations by Martin Ansin

Martin Ansin is an illustrator working from Montevideo, UY. His unique style of illustration art is quite moving. Martin also runs his own journal called EverythingYouDoIsABalloon, here he talks about his latest works and how he creates them. Enough talking,...

/ January 13, 2011