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30 Incredible Hand Paintings by Guido Daniele

Guido Daniele is an Italian artist that is well known for his incredible hand painting artwork. Guido graduated from Brera School of Arts (major in sculpturing) and he has been painting and participating in personal and group art exhibitions since 1968....

/ December 28, 2010

33 Amazing Illustrations by Chris Leavens

Chris Leavens was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Through school he would spend his time doodling, drawing robots, spaceships, and bizarre creatures. He was an amazing student, bringing home straight A’s to his parents. He continued both his education and his...

/ June 21, 2010

Amazing Conceptual Art by Seung Jin Woo

Recently we have stumbled upon an awesome artist. His name is Seung Jin Woo (aka Moonworker), and he is from South Korea. Seung creates some incredible Conceptual Art with Photoshop, its very surreal and makes your imagination run wild. To show...

/ June 13, 2010

Stunning Digital Art by Andree Wallin

Andrée Wallin is 27 years old and lives in Sweden. He started doing commissioned work in 2006 and was able to make it a full-time profession in 2008. Since then he has been involved in many different projects and in...

/ June 9, 2010
David Fuhrer

David Fuhrer’s Amazing Digital Artworks

David Fuhrer is a self-taught digital artist from Bern, Switzerland. Growing up in the 90’s has influenced David’s work.  As you will see below, his imagination skills have allowed him to create absolutely stunning artworks. He always focuses on the...

/ June 5, 2010