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Handmade Cassette Art from Benoit Jammes

The cassette was one of the two most common formats for prerecorded music, if you remember using a cassette congrats! You’re getting old! French artist Benoit Jammes created an artistic series to the forgotten musical format by transforming it into whatever his imagination...

/ December 20, 2012

Outstanding Street Graffiti by Przemek Blejzyk

Graffiti is often seen as having become intertwined with hip hop culture and the myriad international styles derived from New York City Subway graffiti. Unrelated to hip-hop graffiti, gangs use their own form of graffiti to mark territory or to serve...

/ November 21, 2012

3D Printed Objects by Matthew Plummer Fernandez

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is an artist exploring emerging digital technology and digital culture. Over the last 6 years his work has been exhibited and published globally including relevant articles on Creative Applications, Makerbot, Shapeways, Ponoko and Creative Review. He has received commissions...

/ November 19, 2012

Unique Taxidermy Sculptures by Peter Gronquist

Peter Gronquist was born in Portland, Oregon in 1979. Growing up in a creative family, he began drawing and painting at a very early age. This led to obsessive artmaking throughout his childhood that continues today. After highschool, Peter attended...

/ November 16, 2012

Groundbreaking Stone Sculptures by Hirotoshi Itoh

Hirotoshi Itoh graduated from Tokyo National Fine Arts University in 1982 and later went into his family business as a stonemason. He spent several years working with metal before turning his attention to stones. Utilizing stones found in a river bank near...

/ November 15, 2012

Creative Character Anatomy Sculptures by Jason Freeny

What does the anatomy of famous characters look like? This is the question Jason Freeny decided to answer with his incredible imagination. Since the late 80’s, Jason has created illustrations and sculptures of various subject matters. He went full-time as a working...

/ November 14, 2012

3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin is a 31 year old talented freelance artist, who graduated at the Airbrush Academie in the Netherlands. Besides a great passion for airbrushing, he also draws and paints. With experience in multiple techniques and materials like acrylic-, oil,...

/ November 14, 2012

Disturbing and Violent Plush Toys by Patricia Waller

Plush Toys, such as teddy bears, are usually cute fabric toys that kids sleep and play with. Patricia Waller, a German based artist born in Chile, has a different view about them. “Due to the technique of crocheting – all...

/ November 12, 2012

Geometric Street Art Created With Luminescent Tape

Brooklyn based street artist Aakash Nihalani, creates engaging street art consisting mostly of isometric rectangles and squares. He selectively places graphics, you will see blow, around New York to highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself. “For...

/ November 8, 2012

Recycled Art Project by Ali Golzad

Ali Golzad is a Texas-based artist originally hailing from Göteborg, Sweden by way of Tehran, Iran and specializes in digital and reclaimed art. After college Ali decided to develop in graphic design and eventually found himself as a creative director where he has been...

/ November 7, 2012