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Epic Illustrations by Justin Mezzell

Justin-Mezzell Justin Mezzell is an illustrator and designer currently based in Orlando, Florida. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, he specializes in illustration, digital art, and UI/UX design. Additional samples from other bodies of work can be found below. His stunning retro style make us feel like we’re...
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Art on the Edge: Unbelievable Street Art Illusions

Art-on-the-Edge Art on the edge Street art has always fascinated me. There is an intense beauty in art that is unmotivated by success or social advancement and recognition. Now tagging your pseudonym on a wall of a house or statue can hardly be called art, this is more of an...
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Mind Blowing Pencil Sculptures Carved by Carkahegyzo

Mind-Blowing-Pencil-Sculptures Hungarian artist, whose real name we cannot find, Cerkahegyzo carves mind blowing miniature pencil sculptures. While looking though the images, it was hard to comprehend the exact methods he used to achieve a few results listed below. Take for examples the first image. We think he simply cut the head in...
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The World of 100 by Toby Ng

nationality If the world was a village of 100 people, how would the composition be? Toby Ng decided to answer that exact question in a visual manner. Toby Ng overwhelms people with his innovative designs that turn disorder into delight. His works appear in wide range of forms, from posters to books, logos...
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Handmade Type Experiment by Tien-Min Liao

Handmade-Type-Experiment Tien-Min is a New York based communication designer focused on graphic design and branding. After getting a B.A. degree in Advertising, she won The Ministry of Education Scholarship to advance her education at Pratt Institute, and will graduate in May 2013. Her work has been published in such publications as...
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The Masters of Evolved Origami

The-Masters-of-Evolved-Origami Origami is an ancient Japanese art of folding paper and making it into sculptures. It evolved from butterflies on the Japanesse wedding ceremonies and napkin sculptures on renaissance Italy’s dinner tables to legitimate art form recognized all over the world. The first man who set standards for modern origami was Akira...
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Screw Artwork by Andrew Myers

Andrew-Myers Since his early childhood, Andrew Myers has been artistically influenced by European life and culture. His exposure to modern continental living and classical architecture prompted the universal and classical themes, yet modern design found in his artwork. At the age of 20, Myers applied to the Art Institute of...
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