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20+ Astounding Examples Of Shadow Art

Making shadow puppets on the wall is something that we are all familiar with, but some people take it to a whole other level. But even beyond the shadow puppets and elaborate hand gestures lies another aspect of playing with...

/ August 15, 2012

Dan Cretu Transforms Food into Playful Everyday Objects

An orange is not just an orange to Dan Cretu. Dan is a skilled photographer and visual artist that recreates everyday objects out of fruits and vegetables. With his quirky  sculptures, Cretu transforms common everyday eatables into recognizable objects. Enjoy! Note: All Rights Reserved...

/ July 23, 2012

Paradoxical Art Sculptures By Nancy Fouts

American-born Nancy Fouts has lived London most of her life pursuing a career in advertising. Despite her commercial success, Fouts has retained a fine art approach to image-making having originally graduated from Chelsea School of Art and the RCA in...

/ June 26, 2012

Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera

Colombian artist and illustrator Diana Beltran Herrera creates impressive paper geometric shapes. These shapes are mostly paper cut birds. Diana’s work i very inspirational and remind us alot of Paper Masterpieces by Zim And Zou. Enjoy! Note: All Rights Reserved by Diana Beltran...

/ June 21, 2012

20 Excellent Abstract Illustrations by Russ Mills

You might have already heard of Russ Mills. If not, let us tell you who this incredible artist is. Between urban fine art and contemporary graphics, Russ creates collisions of real and digital media with a firm foundation in drawing. He...

/ May 25, 2012

Fascinating Factual Illustrations by Marcelo Gallegos

Marcelo Gallegos was born and raised in the dusty mesas of New Mexico. He attended the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where he received a BFA in 2005. He currently resides on the lower east side of NYC, while spending...

/ May 24, 2012

Nerdy Dirty Illustrations by Nicole Martinez

Nicole Martinez is an art director and designer from Boston Massachusetts. “Nerdy Dirty” is a series of illustrations about love, crafted by illustrator Nicole Martinez. These technically clever prints are dedicated to the inner geek in all of us. “My boyfriend...

/ May 22, 2012