Design Elements | - Part 5

Design Elements

25 Examples of Wireframes and Mockups Sketches

Wireframes and Mockups Sketches Would you start building a website without blueprints? If you said yes, good luck with that. If you said no, then you are 100% right! Before building any website you have to have an idea of how things will function and look. It’s wise decision to do a rough...
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40 Detailed Examples of User Interface Design

user-interface-design When designing an application, millions of question arise. How should it look? How easy is the interface to understand? What should the colors and borders look like? The list goes on and on. Before you get brain overload, you need to take these steps on by one. To answer...
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45 Classy Examples of Vintage Coupon Designs

vintage-coupons Money saving coupons were introduced to the world in mid-1890s by Coca Cola. Asa Griggs Candler, which was the head of the company, had an amazing idea to advertise their tasty drink. She decided to create coupons that would be mailed to potential customers. Those customers would see the coupon entitles...
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40 Tasteful Print Poster Designs

poster-designs Designing a poster can really express your creativity. Having to work with CMYK might limit your color choice, however it will take your inspiration to the next level. There are so many different ways you can tackle this kind of assignment. You can do abstract, minimal, retro, and all sorts...
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55 Wonderful CSS Navigation Menu Designs

css-menu-design Navigation is a crutial part of any website. The user/visitor must be able to navigate and get around easily without a question. Navigation that is well designed/executed will have more impact, and enhance the usability. Today we have gathered some great examples of navigational design. We hope that this eye-candy...
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50 Examples of Pixel Perfect Button Design

button-design Buttons are always an important part of any website. The button’s main goal is to attract the user into performing an action you want them to. Meaning to sign up, purchase now, log in, vote up, and etc. Not only do they attract users, but they also add a...
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45 Eye-Opening Examples of Email Newsletter Designs

email-newsletter Whenever you own and run your business, you can probably guess that email marketing can play a huge role in sales. If a customer/visitor signs up for a newsletter he/she is trusting you with their personal info. Its strongly important to never sell these email to 3rd parties and...
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