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Outstanding Digital Artwork by Tony Ariawan

Tony Ariawan is digital artist and graphic artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. His colorful work caught my eye and now I’m hooked. While refreshing his site in hope for new visual content, I would like to tell you more about...

/ July 2, 2012

Outstanding Illustrations and Animations by Romeu & Julieta

Romeu & Julieta is an illustration studio from Porto Alegre (Brazil.) As you might suspect, their studio’s name is very similar to the history of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. They don’t follow an artistic set path, meaning all techniques, all styles, all concepts...

/ July 2, 2012

Has Draw Something Turned Us Into Art Critics?

If you take a look at the above image, what do you see? To some people it might look like a hastily drawn creation that has little meaning, and it may even be almost impossible to guess what it’s actually...

/ June 14, 2012

20 Jaw-Dropping Photorealistic Works by Sheridan Johns

Sheridan Johns is a professional freelance digital painter, illustrator and portrait artist from Australia. She’s the talented illustrator behind these jaw-dropping photorealistic portraits of some of our most loved characters in pop culture. After graduating High School, she continued her studies...

/ May 31, 2012

Creative Photography: How Life Feels To Butterfly Kids

Staudinger + Franke is an Australian Photography, Retouching, and Digital Imaging Firm. Buttefly Kids suffer from a disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (short: EB). Epidermolysis bullosa is a group of inherited disorders in which skin blisters develop in response to minor injury. There are four main...

/ April 2, 2012
One Object Movie Minimalism by Pascal Richon

One Object Movie Minimalism by Pascal Richon

Pascal Richon is a multimedia student from Montbeliard, France. He has created some clever movie posters that use only one object to describe the movie. Take for example the Matrix poster below: He used the iconic blue and red pills to...

/ March 2, 2012
Minecraft Creations

40 Outstanding Minecraft Creations

Minecraft is one of the most successful indie sandbox games ever!  Created by Markus Persson, the founder of Mojang AB, the game currently holds over 22.2 million registered users, of which 4.9 million have bought the game. The game involves players creating and destroying...

/ February 16, 2012