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Google+ Fan pages

25 Great Examples of Google Plus Brand Pages

Google+ allows brands to building relationships between businesses and people. Like Facebook, you are given the ability to share, promote, and measure you fan page. According to Google’s recent earnings call, as of January 2012 they have over 90 million Google+ users....

/ February 15, 2012
Animal Photo-Manipulations

40 Entertaining Animal Photo-Manipulations

With many possibilities of Photoshop, one magical category continues to turn heads. That skillful technique is knows as photo-manipulation. With the power of photo-editing applications, we are now able to merge two things together and get a surreal result. It may...

/ February 10, 2012
Top 10 Video Game Covers Of 2011

Top 10 Video Game Covers Of 2011

Whilst album art is often held aloft for its artistic merit and movie posters adorn many a Freshman’s wall, videogame package design is a somewhat underappreciated art. Nevertheless, just like the increasingly sophisticated games they contain, these designs contain interesting...

/ January 28, 2012
8 bit Superman

40 Beautiful 8-Bit Artworks

8 Bit Art can refer to a style of synthesized electronic music called “chiptunes”, as well as a form of digital art called “pixel art”. Both chiptunes and Pixel Art can be more than 8-bits. Chiptunes, also referred to as...

/ January 10, 2012
Graceful Invite Shots From Dribbble

50 Graceful Invite Shots From Dribbble

So you got invited to Dribbble huh? Now you are filled with excitement and wonder what your fist shot should be. Well, the first priority is thank the person who was nice enough to invite you. Remember Dribbble is an...

/ October 28, 2011
Title Graphics

60 Inspirational Title Graphics of 16/8 bit Games

Recently a really cool website came out called With it’s simple navigation you can travel back in time and discover the title graphics of 16/8 bit games. Currently the website is managed by Cameron Askin, who is an Interactive Designer at...

/ October 24, 2011
Best Examples of Bollywood Movie Posters

30 Best Examples of Bollywood Movie Posters

Everybody would be aware about Hollywood but there a less people in this world who know about Bollywood as compared to Hollywood. Let me have the pleasure to introduce you with Bollywood: Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for...

/ May 10, 2011