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New Year Resolutions 2011

We have gathered some awesome resolutions from the designers on Forrst and Dribbble. Everybody has goals for the new year and tries to carry them out properly. Sometimes however, that doesn’t quite work and people usually give up half way...

/ December 31, 2010

25+ Examples of New Creative Facebook Profile Pages

With the new release of Facebook pages many people are getting very creative with their own profile pictures. French artist Alexandre Oudin (#8 below) is the one responsible for this awesome creativity. Today we will showcase some creative profile page designs...

/ December 27, 2010

50 Stunning Examples of Photo Manipulation

As you may know photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception. To master this peice of art it takes skill and precision, on deviantart we found some amazing/talented...

/ December 22, 2010

20 Outstanding Tron Legacy Fan Artworks

To celebrate the long awaited return of Tron Legacy, we have gathered some inspiring fan artworks. Ever since I saw the first Tron trailer, i was pumped! Since the movie is being released today, we thought it would be an...

/ December 17, 2010

10 Creative Album Cover Collage Artworks

There is a new art in town, and its album cover art collages. This type of art was invented by Christian Marclay. Most of us probably know Marclay for being a DJ and composer who was the first to use gramaphone...

/ December 16, 2010

40+ Great Character Designs

Character Design is really interesting but can be very tricky, because many of the classic characters familiar to us all through cartoons, entertainment and advertising look simple, that simplicity usually belies the many hours of work that have gone into...

/ December 6, 2010

50 Beautiful Examples of Snowboard Designs

Winter is coming and every Snowboarder can’t await to ride the Board. And what’s cooler than designing your own and unique Snowboard? Snowboard design has become very popular. Almost every snowboarding company, now hold their own design contests. This gives artist...

/ December 1, 2010

40 Spectacular Examples of Nike Artworks

Nike is one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in the world. Having a huge following, Nike is globally recognized just by their swoosh logo. As you may know, the Nike logo was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. No matter what...

/ November 28, 2010

45 Beautifully Detailed 3D Artworks of Robots

We all fear that one day the robots will take over the world and kill all humans. Don’t worry, because this isn’t a Sci-fi movie. We have put together this awesome collection of inspiring robots design/artworks. For the most part...

/ October 5, 2010

50 Visually Delicious Landscape and Scenery Artworks

Deviantart has an amazing community of talented artists and designers. We decided to showcase some of the artists incredible work. In this collection you will find beautiful landscapes and scenery artworks. Now we know that sounds very broad, but its...

/ September 29, 2010