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Windows of New York City by Jose Guizar

Jose Guizar is a Mexican graphic designer living in New York City. He strives to create clever and playful messages that allow his viewers to communicate. Like every designer, Jose has restless eyes that never stop observing the intricate shapes of reality. His “Windows...

/ April 16, 2013

30 Gorgeous Game of Thrones Fan Art Works

Game of Thrones is an award-winning HBO series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. This epic fantasy is an adaptation of the book titled A Game of Thrones, which is the first of many novels from A Song of Ice and Fire...

/ April 12, 2013

Vintage Mid-Century Illustrations by Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes is a freelance illustrator based in Thames, London. As a child, his love art outweighed every other interest. So after he graduated from High School, Jack enrolled in a Foundation Degree at Wimbledon College of Art. After one year, Jack was fortunate enough to...

/ April 5, 2013

30 Illusive Illustrations from David Lanham

David Lenham is an accomplished artist from Greensboro, North Carolina. He studied drawing and design at the University of Central Florida, graduating in 2004. Growing up, David always had a fascination with the contrasts of nature and technology. His active imagination led him to love...

/ April 2, 2013

30 Mighty Optical Illusions and Brain Teasers

Optical illusions usually consist of visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. When viewing illusions your brain falls victim to the creator’s intentions. There are three basic categories that illusions fall into: Literal – these optical illusions create images that are...

/ April 2, 2013

Texture and Pattern Rich Illustrations by Alberto Cerriteño

Alberto Cerriteno is a Mexican illustrator & designer who lives in Seattle, Washington. His unique style was inspired by alternative cartoons, urban vinyl toys, and the pop surrealism movement. Throughout his work you’ll find delicate hints of traditional Mexican artistic influences mixed with...

/ April 1, 2013

Passion Packed Chinese Ink Drawings by Rola Chang

Rola Chang is an ink style illustrator from Taiwan. When she isn’t working at her daily office desk job, she creates passion charged  illustrations that will make you smile. She loves to combine Asian art style with Western technique drawing. She draws primarily with Chinese...

/ March 27, 2013