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Outstanding Branding and Identity Design by Michael Spitz

Michael-Spitz Michael Spitz is an independent graphic designers from Rijeka, Croatia. He specializes in branding, corporate identity, graphic design, custom typography, illustration, and information design.  We are very influenced by his fascinating work and would like to share it with you today. Up and coming logo designers should absolutely take some notes from Michael...
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Lion Armour Branding by Fuse Collective

Lion-Armour The following is a comprehensive branding project created for start-up clothing company Lion Armour. Lion Armour produces high quality thermo-active underwear for athletes. This project was constructed by Fuse Collective, a creative agency compromised of young and talented individuals who fulfil themselves through their work. They specialize in graphic design, visual identification, animation,...
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Word Animals Logotypes by Dan Fleming

Word-Animals-Logotypes Dan Fleming is a  British/ half Australian graphic designer specializing in brand identity and logo design. He holds a B.A. in Graphic & Communication Design from the University Of Leeds with 4 years of experience. He recently created these incredible word animals logotypes that will soon be available for purchase on...
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35 Book Based Logo Designs

books Today we collected thirty-five inspiring book based logo designs. Books can represent a variety of things such as education, secrets, creativity, rules, fantasy, and so on. When a person reads a book they’re traveling into another world and imagining what it’s like to experience the printer words. Logo designers...
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Lamon Luther Brand Identity by Russell Shaw

Lamon-Luther Russell Shaw is an independent designer from Atlanta. He specializes in illustration, graphic design, logo and branding design, book layouts, user interface/experience, and video. Some of his previous clients are Microsoft, AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” SweetWater Brewery, The W Atlanta – Midtown, Bearings, Manner & Lane, The DeMoss Group, GiantImpact, Catalyst...
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Fine Branding & Typography from BMD Design

BMD-Design In a tough competitive environment and a world saturated with information, companies need a good communication strategy. In all its work, BMD Design seeks to seduce and surprise, but also to demonstrate and convince. Located in Bordeaux, France, BMD specializes in typography, visual identity, signage, publishing, advertisements, and apparel design. Seeing their...
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25 Cleverly Designed Golf Logos

gold-logo Golf is a gentleman’s sport and a game of confidence. In golf, competing players use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a golf course using the fewest number of strokes. Golf is a very wealthy sport and is widely adopted. In 2005, Golf Digest calculated that...
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