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Nice by Rebecca Rhosyn Petts Davies

20 Creative Soap Packaging Design Ideas

What attracts you to the soap you regularly buy? Some may say that the scent does it for them. For others, it could be the amount of chemicals found (or not found) in it. What a lot of people do...

/ September 5, 2016
Motor Oil Can design packaging

25 Inspiring Vintage Motor Oil Packaging Designs

Vintage never goes out of style. The sense of nostalgia alone that vintage things bring is a surefire way of attracting people to try out or patronize the product or service you trade. From a marketing point of view, adding...

/ December 18, 2015
Dovely Tea

20 Impressive and Useful Packaging Ideas

Driving sales is an essential part of any business, so it’s pretty obvious that packaging would become the key industry that it has become. How else should customers decide to pick your products above all other options presented to them?...

/ October 21, 2015
Stubby Beer Bottles

40 Beautiful Vintage Packaging Designs

There are many products in the market today that are impeccably made and of high-quality, but still don’t make the news. On the other hand, there are some products that are mediocre at best, but are selling like pancakes because...

/ October 8, 2015
Shoe packaging

15 Creative Shoe Packaging Designs

Because most people judge a product by its packaging, any mediocre product packed in a fancy package would win against a great product in weak packaging. Instead of cutting corners companies are actually going beyond the conventional ‘shoe box’ by putting...

/ November 18, 2014

20+ Beautiful Minimal Packaging Designs

The saying ‘less is more’, is something of a rule to live by in today’s society. Designers take note – a minimalistic approach now overrules the flashy gaudiness of yesteryear. Today we find even the most simple of ideas the...

/ July 22, 2014

30 Examples of Packaging Designs that Scream “Buy Me!”

Let’s get one thing straight. Packaging design is very important, whether you like to admit it or not. With tons of different products available to the average consumer, companies are constantly fighting each other to get your dollar. From pricing...

/ March 7, 2014

20 Imaginative Food Packaging Designs

In today’s market, brands have to find increasingly innovative ways of staying ahead of the competition. One great way to stick it to your competitors is through packaging – unusual and distinctive designs are more likely to be noticed by...

/ October 29, 2013

25 Praiseworthy Pet Packaging Designs

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before, but I’ll say it again. Packaging design is very important. If you’re selling a high quality product, why in the world would you overlook packaging design? With money to be made in...

/ July 5, 2013

Heal Your Broken Heart: Love Hurts Kit by Melanie Chernock

Melanie Chernock is a graphic designer,animator, and a recent graduate based in New York. Melanie constantly strives to create work that’s communicative, original, and surprising. Her recent project titled ‘Love Hurts,’ is a first aid kit for a broken heart. Love Hurts...

/ June 25, 2013